Ashley March
October 23 2014 01:32PM

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I had planned to cover an important topic that’s being brought to light in recent times with this week’s column. Needless to say the events that unfolded yesterday in Ottawa put that on the back burner.

As we reflect on yesterday’s events and let the questions of “Why?” and “How?” run through our heads, keep in mind and take solace that we live in one of the greatest countries in the world where events like these are few and far between. Take solace in the men and women who are protecting this country and its citizens by risking their life running towards the gunfire. Take solace that our media focused on getting the facts straight, not sensationalizing the drama and producing news in an articulate manner.

Acts of terrorism are not an everyday occurrence for us Canadians. However, the way our country responded made it look like this is just another day and unflinchingly we remain together a powerful nation. We have set the bar and we will continue to keep the true north strong and free. More after the jump.

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Canucks Army Weekly Prospect Report - October 23rd, 2014

Josh W
October 23 2014 09:00AM

It’s been another busy and successful week for Canucks prospects, with many players dominating their respective leagues.  A few players have won awards for being players of the week while others continue to be successful without receiving any accolades.  

Read past the jump for the latest prospect news and notes in the Canucks Army Weekly Prospect Report.

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What Would You Do Wednesday: The Powerplay

Rhys Jessop
October 22 2014 04:40PM

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Welcome to a new feature here on Canucks Army and all sites on the Nation Network: What Would You Do Wednesday, where we put you, yes YOU, in charge of your own imaginary Vancouver Canucks. We'll present you with a different scenario each week, and you tell us how you'd solve it in the comments section below. Give props to the answers you do like and trash the ones you don't. Easy! So let's get started:

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Canucks Army Postgame: Oops.

Rhys Jessop
October 21 2014 10:35PM

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There are some games when everything goes perfectly right - all your stretch passes become tape-to-tape breakaways, all your shots from the high slot go bar-down, all bounces off the back boards land flush on someone's stick, all your defensive reads are perfect, and all your opponents are just a step out of position. Well, the Dallas Stars had one of those games tonight. The Vancouver Canucks did not.

The game was over before it really could get going, as Dallas capitalized on seemingly every single chance they had, potting six goals before the game was even halfway finished, en route to a 6-3 win. Read past the jump for a recap.

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Cole Cassels Named CHL Player of the Week

Rhys Jessop
October 21 2014 05:57PM

After 10 points in 4 games this past week, Canucks prospect Cole Cassels has been named the CHL Player of the Week, becoming the first Canucks prospect to win the award since Alex Mallet was recognized back in April 2012.

For a look at Cassels' season to date, read past the jump.

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