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September 05 2014 08:05AM

Sean Monahan a cautionary tale for Leon Draisaitl, advanced stats for dummies, player profiles, prospect depth charts and more in this week's Roundup

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Young Stars Classic Tournament Roster Announced

Dimitri Filipovic
September 04 2014 02:37PM

We'll see most of these guys in action soon. [Photo via CDC]

Hockey! It's finally back! Well, almost.

Just one measly week from tomorrow, the annual Young Stars Classic Tournament - hosted once again in Penticton, just a 4+ hour drive from Vancouver should you feel so inclined to see it for yourself in person - will get underway, giving us a preemptive look at a good portion of the players in the team's pipeline. 

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Prospect Profile: #4 Frank Corrado

Dimitri Filipovic
September 04 2014 11:19AM


It can understandably be easy to sometimes lose sight of it given how long he has been on the radar now and the type of stoic demeanor he exudes, but Frank(ie) Corrado is still just a 21-year old kid who only recently completed his first season as a pro.

Ever since the team took him 150th overall back in the 2011 draft - which is looking like a rather successful class at this point with the likes of Corrado, Jensen, Grenier, LaBate, and Tommernes all having been added to the system - his star has been rapidly rising as he has moved up the ranks. 

After mastering the Major Junior circuit by the time his 4 years on the scene were up, Corrado expectedly hit the occasional divot in the road this past season as he made the transition to a full-time gig in the pros. His situation, which we'll get to shortly, assuredly didn't help smoothen out the process for him, either.

Still, we evidently collectively remain quite high on him seeing as we've ranked him as the top defense prospect in the team's system for the second straight summer.

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Prospect Profile: #5 Nicklas Jensen

Dimitri Filipovic
September 03 2014 09:13AM


The 2013-14 season was one of immense extremes for Nicklas Jensen, whose true talent is almost assuredly somewhere smack-dab in the middle of the two polar opposites his play showed over the course of the campaign. 

Generally speaking most young players tend to carry with them an "inconsistent" label as they acclimatize and work their way up the ranks. Jensen wasn't able to elude it himself, but much of that traces back to a combination of a preseason injury and some dubiously fluctuating percentages, moreso than anything resembling a legitimately worrisome individual trend.

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Prospect Profile #6: Jared McCann

Patrick Johnston
September 02 2014 10:25AM


Honesty, the best medicine, is how we open up our profile of Jared McCann.

When the Canucks took McCann 24th overall back in this past June's draft, myself - and without putting words in their mouth's, my peers on this platform - weren't exactly the biggest fans of the selection. The thinking initially was that it eerily reeked of a typically "safe" Canucks pick. 

After all, we're talking about a franchise here that has managed to write itself a long and storied history over the last decade-plus of settling for players who should theoretically play in the National Hockey League, but realistically have a limited likelihood of ever actually blowing us out of the water and becoming impactful assets. The reservation and apprehension were duly justified in that regard.

But a few months have since passed, and there has been something of a recalibration that has taken place. There's no shame in changing your tune as new information makes itself available, moulding your thought process accordingly. That's where we're at right now with Jared McCann.

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