Canucks beat Ducks 5-2, Fowl play is suspected...

Cam Charron
December 29 2011 11:44PM

Vancouver waltzed into Anaheim, played one of the worst teams in hockey, and waltzed out rather easily with two points. They got a bit of flashy goaltending and had to compete for eyes with a brilliant Alamo Bowl game which featured about eleventy touchdowns, but overall it was a fine performance. The Sedins capitalized on their chances and they will be talked about in depth tomorrow, but more things happened in this game.

If you follow, click after the jump for the Statistical Three Stars, and Scoring Chance data...

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Mason Raymond goes to the net

Patrick Johnston
December 29 2011 07:58PM

Mason Raymond does actually like going to the net.

So Mason Raymond is going to the net more, you say? Thom Drance has been fighting this battle, arguing Raymond's been no different this year from last, but it's hard for people to let go of what they 'see'. 

Perhaps some visuals will help us assess this popular belief. Here's a run down of every single Raymond goal from last year.

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Perception vs. Reality – The Alex Burrows Story

Jeff Angus
December 29 2011 04:23PM

It is not unusual for a professional athlete to be revered in the city he makes his home in during the season, but hated in most of the rest of the country or continent. In competitive sports, one team always has to win, and one team always has to lose. Teams that win more often than not are usually more hated than teams that lose more often than not (success breeds jealously), and in the past few years we have seen that highlighted with the suddenly successful (and suddenly hated) Canucks.

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Vintage Flame
December 29 2011 01:49PM


Canada plays for the second night in a row, but it should have no bearing on the outcome of this game. The Canadians are rolling right now with 13 goals for and only 1 against, the penalty kill is at 100% and they are getting goals from everyone. In the last game, expectations were put on guys like Mark Scheifele and Ryan Strome; they delivered. Scheifele had two goals in the 5-0 win over the Czech Republic and it seems that one of Canada's biggest strengths when they assemble these teams every year, is that when they need someone to step up, they do.

It's always been a feather in the cap of Hockey Canada and the coaching staff, as to how quickly these teams come together with such limited preparation time.

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Game #38 Preview - Pucking Ducks

Cam Davie
December 29 2011 10:38AM

My clever play on "Peking Duck" above will probably fall completely flat.
Much like the Anaheim Ducks have done in the past 19 games, as evidenced in this photo.
"I'm supposed to WHAT? BACK check?! Oh! Ok, got it. Oh, wait. He's gone already."
(Photo by Debora Robinson/NHLI via Getty Images)

Game Day Recon: Game #38 - Canucks @ Ducks

The Vancouver Canucks slugged and duked it out with the San Jose Sharks last night in the Bay Area, and are rewarded with a game in Anaheim. The Ducks are terrible and have been terrible all season. The Canucks are rolling and have proven that they can win on the road against the elite teams of the league. So it's guaranteed win night for the Canucks, right?

That usually means it's a guaranteed loss.

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