April 26 2014 01:52AM


Every year the Oilers fail to make the post season and every year we are sent out screaming into the world on a backpacking trip, prevented from scratching out our eyes, being caught bawling in front of a closed Rexall Place or worse.

This year we are in Australia, the land of Bundy Rums, babes that disappointingly don’t go crazy with desire at the sound of a Canadian accent and the AFL.

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Alexander Edler's green jacket - Weekend Watchability Index

Cam Charron
April 25 2014 02:30PM

Alexander Edler finished 886th out of 886 NHL skaters this season in the all-important "+/-" statistic. It speaks to how useless that statistic is that nobody seems up in arms demanding Edler's exit from Vancouver. I think generally the Vancouver media is pretty good at holding players accountable only for what they can be accountable for, and it was obvious all year that Edler's lousy +/- had little to do with his own transgressions.

After all, in 2011-2012, Alex Edler was tied for 13th in Norris Trophy voting with Duncan Keith (?). He won a silver medal for Sweden at the Olympic Games, played in the World Championships a year ago and has been a regular NHL player for seven seasons. Those kinds of players don't just become lousy overnight, or the worst in the league at something.

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Top 10 stories of the 2014 Canucks Season: Part 2

The Stanchion
April 24 2014 11:28AM


Last week we covered the top stories of the 2014 Canucks season from ten to six. This week, we hit the top 5! Or the bottom five. Or the top of the bottom. Or.. you know what, this wasn't a very good season.

Gather around children, I want to tell you all a story. 

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Nation Playoff Pool Update

April 23 2014 12:43PM


The playoffs are a week in and here's your first playoff pool update. If you didn't enter, shame on you. If you did sign up, it's time to brag about how smart you are.  Unless, of course, your pool looks like mine where I go out and pick players that have completely fallen off the face of the earth.  I'm looking at you Nyquist. *shakes fist*

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Comets Militia Weekly Prospect Report - April 23rd, 2014

Josh W
April 23 2014 11:35AM

Image courtesy of Robert Esche (Comets President)

With the NHL and AHL teams have finished for the season things are starting to quiet on the Canucks prospect front. Very few teams are still competing in some fashion, with the conference finals in the OHL, WHL, and the ECHL playoffs being the only ones yet to conclude.

But never fear, because as long as there's any sort of prospect news, I'll be here with the Comets Militia Weekly Prospect Report, reporting on the latest. Make sure to follow me on Twitter @nuckprospects. You're also more than welcome to send me any feedback on anything prospect related you wish for me to cover in the future.

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