Coaching Candidate Profiles: John Stevens

Thomas Drance
May 27 2013 04:10PM

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So much of what a hockey coach does happens behind the scenes, and away from the view of fans and media. Most of the time we just don't know that much about how good a particular coach is, often until that coach is fired (like what happened with Bruce Boudreau)...

With that skeptical outlook in mind, we'll launch our "Coaching Candidate Profile" series today with a look at John Stevens. John Stevens is a current assistant coach for the Los Angeles Kings, and according to Bob McKenzie the Canucks are pretty interested in interviewing him once his season ends.

Does Stevens make sense as Alain Vigneault's successor? Read past the jump.

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Malhotra Hopes to Continue Playing Career

Thomas Drance
May 27 2013 12:04PM

Manny Malhotra, a true character guy, dives for a puck in practice.
Image via wikimedia commons.

This is last week's news, but it's such a multi-faceted and fascinating story that I want to talk about it a bit more.

Manny Malhotra's three year term with the Canucks came to an end, as a player anyway, in February of 2013 when Mike Gillis made the decision to shut the faceoff-ace down permanently. Malhotra couldn't defend himself to an acceptable level for Mike Gillis's comfort any longer, with this superficially innocous incident in a game against the Wild being the final straw. Gillis explicitly compared putting Malhotra into an NHL game - with his limited vision - to allowing a drunk motorist on the road

Last week reports from the Province and Bob McKenzie indicated that Manny Malhotra isn't ready to end his playing career just yet, which isn't much of a surprise since Malhotra never really agreed with Mike Gillis's decision in the first place. Malhotra intends to hit the unrestricted free agent market on July fifth, and though I'd suggest he'll struggle to secure a one-way contract, he clearly still wants to play and still wants a chance to end his career on his own terms.

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Candidates Emerge in Canucks Coaching Search

Thomas Drance
May 27 2013 10:25AM

Judging by the plethora of details leaking out in the media this weekend, the Vancouver Canucks have launched what is sure to be a drawn out, rigorous process to hire a replacement for recently deposed head coach Alain Vigneault. While the landscape is beginning to shift on the Canucks coaching search front, we shouldn't expect anything to happen quickly here. After all, several of the names that have emerged as the "favourites" are still coaching in the Calder Cup or Stanley Cup tournament...

Let's round up the latest reports and launch "coaching week" at our humble Canucks blog. Some of the names discussed here will be profiled at length later in the week (or later today), so check back for more coverage of Vancouver's coaching search.

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Trading Alex Edler: Who to Target (Part II)

Jeff Angus
May 26 2013 09:25AM

Eberle/Oshie - Wikimedia commons

On Thursday, we looked at two potential trade targets should the Canucks choose to shop skilled defenseman Alex Edler. Let’s look at a few more today.

Before we begin, though, I wanted to get to a few more things about trading (or not trading) Edler.

As I mentioned on Thursday, his name is only surfacing in speculation because he seems to be the only core player with great trade value (and the only one that could be realistically traded). You don’t move players like Edler for the sake of it – he’s a proven top pairing defenseman with a lot of great qualities.

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Infographic: Alain Vigneault's Canucks Tenure

Matthew Henderson
May 25 2013 05:12PM


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