It's the most wonderful time of the year!

The Stanchion
September 12 2014 09:12AM

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Who will be the recipient of the prestigious Fedor Fedorov Preseason Award this year?

Ah, how I love the smell of prospects in the morning..

OK, I probably could've worded that in a less creepy manner, but my point remains. After a long summer of inactivity and people trying to pretend to be interested in soccer, hockey is finally stumbling out of bed and starting to put its pants on. This process for most teams usually involves their younger players going out and playing in mini tournaments, such as the Young Stars Tournament that the Canucks, Flames, Jets, and Oilers are putting on this weekend.

The mere fact that hockey is back in any kind of form - I got so desperate for a hockey fix in August that I ended up watching the Australian hockey league. Go Mustangs! AIHL Champs! - is reason enough to be excited, but their is a particular kind of enjoyment I get out of hockey before the regular season starts. 

Read on past the jump to find out more, you know how this works.

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Nation World HQ
September 12 2014 08:05AM

Rookie camps, team previews, zone entries, hockey markets contributing to losses, and more in this week's Round Up

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Bo Horvat's spot on Jim Benning's "Roster Wall" remains blurry

Dimitri Filipovic
September 11 2014 04:01PM

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Noted friend of the blog Dan Murphy ran an interesting little interview with Jim Benning today, which pivoted off of something we already knew about the team's GM and the way he likes to conduct his business. In the video, Benning said of his "roster wall":

"Yeah, so I keep it updated if there's trades, if players get sent down, young players make teams. I try to keep it updated throughout the year so I know what's going on with all of the players in the league.

We'll be brainstorming and we'll look at other teams. If there's things we think we might be able to do, we can go from one team to the other team and it keeps the conversation going. Instead of on the computer, where you have to flip from team to team.."

As a visual learner that benefits from having written things out myself on occasion, I can understand where Benning is coming from. Still, that hardly means we can't poke a little harmless fun at the expense of his time consuming, dated habits. But more noteworthy than that, ultimately, was the part of the interview in which he had Sportsnet blur his own team's roster out.

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Putting a Bow on the 2014 Edition of the Prospect Series: Our Individual Rankings

Dimitri Filipovic
September 11 2014 12:52PM

"Care to comment on the one voter that didn't have you #1?" [via CDC]

In the past month to the day, we have published 20 articles - spanning nearly 40,000 words by our writers and another 406 additional reader comments -  which collectively aimed to count down towards what we deemed to be the best prospect in the Vancouver Canucks system. 

Those numbers doesn't include this post, which will hopefully put a neat bow on the series as a whole by providing the individual rankings of everyone that had a say in the consensus. That, and a few other notes on what has morphed into a whale of a project over the years just past the jump.

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Prospect Profile: #1 Bo Horvat

Rhys Jessop
September 10 2014 12:01PM


Well, here we are. After a month of counting down the Vancouver Canucks' top-20 prospects, we've finally arrived at our consensus choice for the top prospect in Vancouver's system. We've covered every type of player from towering European defenders to late developing scorers to history-making college kids to dynamic and exciting Western League scorers. The Canucks' pipeline of quality young talent is as full as it's been in years, and at the head of the class of the future is none other than Bo Horvat.

We've written extensively about Bo Horvat on this platform before, and for good reason: at the time of his selection, he was Vancouver's highest pick in the entry draft since the team selected Daniel and Henrik Sedin back-to-back in 2000, and unlike drafting Jake Virtanen, they had to give up arguably the best goaltender in the game today to get him. With Ryan Kesler now gone and returned in the form of Nick Bonino and Jared McCann (and the funeral pyre that is Luca Sbisa) leaving a gaping void at centre behind an aging Henrik Sedin, the pressure isn't just on Horvat to produce, but to produce as soon as possible on a team that hopes to compete in an increasingly more vicious and unforgiving Western conference.

So, yeah. No pressure, kid.

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