August 15 2011 12:18AM


In what can only be described as 'epic' - Robin Brownlee makes his inaugural appearance on NationRadio this week. After 25 episodes of refusing to appear as a guest, the legend vaults right into the big chair taking the reins as the host, filling in for Lowetide who is on a well deserved vacation. And he flipped through his rolodex and booked some pretty spectacular guests.

Not one but TWO Edmonton Oilers are on the show this week as Sam Gagner and Ryan Whitney stop by to say hello. Newly re-signed Oilers play by play man Kevin Quinn comes by too, to put the rumours of a multi-million dollar contract to bed. Oh yeah, and Oilers Head Scout Stu MacGregor? He's here too.

This is some amazing NationRadio. 

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Mid-Day Headshots August 12th

Thomas Drance
August 12 2011 12:32PM

Mid-Day Headshots is a CanucksArmy feature where we round up today's freshest Canucks news including funny gifs, awesome videos, cool photos and interesting links. If you've written a Canucks blog-post and want it to be featured here, e-mail me at

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Cheers and Jeers - Vol. 4

Cam Davie
August 12 2011 10:50AM

The Good and the Bad of this past week.

It's Friday. We close out the Week That Was with our latest volume of Cheers and Jeers.

We start this week with Canucks fans' newest lightning rod for disdain, Daniel Carcillo.

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Canucks Army Podcast

Thomas Drance
August 11 2011 01:25PM

Pretty surreal to think that we've already recorded 9 CanucksArmy podcast episodes! 

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The Perception Problem

Thomas Drance
August 11 2011 01:02PM

I remember the sinking feeling I had walking out of the "Bertuzzi-punch" game when I was in high-school. I turned to my friend and said the words: "I'm embarrassed to be a Canucks fan." I was seventeen at the time, and it wasn't an experience I'd ever had before. I remember it vividly - it was a tough moment, and a dark one. 

I'm getting used to that embarrassment though, sad as it is to say. Yesterday evening - news surfaced about some harassment Milan Lucic has been enduring this summer from a handful of probably young, probably drunk young men. The Courier reports that the frosty reception from some lowest-common denominator Canucks fans has caused Lucic and his family to recalibrate their Cup celebration plans this weekend. The piece, it should be pointed out, doesn't cite a single official complaint or police report - but I don't think it requires a huge leap of faith to accept that most of what the Courier piece claims, sounds pretty likely to have occurred.

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