The Three Coolest Goals from Last Years Cup Run

Patrick Johnston
April 11 2012 11:55AM

With the playoffs starting tonight, let's quickly run down the three most impressive goals from last years run to the Stanley Cup Finals!

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An Open Letter to Ryan Kesler

Marda Miller
April 11 2012 11:27AM

Ryan Kesler celebrates being awesome because he is.
(Photo by Ben Nelms/Reuters via Getty Imager)

Dear Ryan Kesler,

Congratulations! The season is now over and your team has come out on top, winning the Presidents Trophy for the second consecutive year. That must be a glorious feeling. I knew that you had the skill and ability to make it happen!

But frankly Ryan, I don’t care that the Canucks are back to back champions of the regular season. I want you to be champions of the post season. I’m tired of the Canucks being losers and I’m tired of all my bitter Canucks friends who have stopped believing in this team. This is the year to go out there and fight ten times as hard as you did in the playoffs last year, and finally be the last team standing so you can raise the Stanley Cup over your heads.

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Cynicism, Concussions and the Canucks

Thomas Drance
April 11 2012 10:09AM

Many, Darryl Sutter included, think the Canucks may be playing mind-games with Daniel Sedin's head-injury.
But does that square with the caution the team has shown in dealing with concussions this season?

It's the question on the lips of everyone in Canucks Nation this morning, 'Will Daniel Sedin return to the line-up tonight?" Whether Daniel Sedin dresses tonight, or not, isn't just an elephant in the room, it's a mastodon. So it's not a surprise that when Alain Vigneault refused to comment at length on the status of his team's leading-scorer, Vancouver media members were unimpressed (none more so than the columnist who has most transparently campaigned for the head-coaches replacement).

Daniel's relative presence at practice yesterday, he didn't skate with the team, but rather, joined the "Black Aces" in a post-practice skate, set off a wave of speculation: was it a setback? Gamesmanship?

This reaction seems odd doesn't it? Why is it that our first reaction as fans, observers or writers, is to instantly begin debating whether or not the team's handling of Daniel is another example of the Canucks playing politics with head injuries?

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Canucks Even Strength Scoring Chance Totals 2011-12

Cam Charron
April 10 2012 09:40PM

Hi, remember how after every game, we'd post a game recap that would include a list of the scoring chance differential of every player? Well, throughout the year, we'd been counting them up, and we finally have some full numbers to share with you tonight.

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Headshots April 10th

Thomas Drance
April 10 2012 06:12PM

Love this Lord Stanley quote from the "origin of the Stanley Cup infograph" put together by Visual Capitalist.

Headshots are a Canucks Army feature where we link to the day's freshest news, and other assorted Canucks web-goodies. If you've written a blogpost, produced a tribute video or birthed a clever .gif into existence - please e-mail Thom at

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