Moving Up And Down At The NHL Entry Draft: 2001 – 2011

Jonathan Willis
June 22 2012 08:24AM

What does it cost for a team to move up at the NHL Draft? What can a team gain by moving down?

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Best and Worst Dressed At The NHL Awards Show

Alix Wright
June 21 2012 08:56PM

Photoshop by the wonderful Annie Mae.

The NHL awards are always a treat! That is if you like jokes so bad that celebrities apologize for having to say them out loud, or otherwise they thank you for laughing. At least they took out Jay Mohr and replaced him with Will Arnett - a massive upgrade. That’s like going from a worn Men’s Warehouse suit to a fresh Armani.

Honestly, the NHL should hire me to write jokes and work as a fashion correspondent. I’d clear my schedule completely.

With that in mind, follow me past the jump for my favourite yearly tradition: hockey players in suits at the NHL awards show!

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5 Marquee Matchups for 2012-13

Cam Davie
June 21 2012 12:34PM

These dudes are intense.
And this marquee matchup promises to be no different this year.
(Photo by Bill Smith/NHLI via Getty Image)

Today, the NHL and the Vancouver Canucks released the intended schedule for the 2012-13 season.

When the new schedule comes out every year, we (and every other Canucks hockey blog on the planet) like to highlight the most interesting and compelling Canucks games on the docket for the upcoming season - even if that season may not happen...

Read past the jump to find out which games we're looking forward to!

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Canucks Schedule Unveiled, may be Truncated at a Later Date

Thomas Drance
June 21 2012 10:33AM

Most summers, "NHL schedule unveiling day" is a day filled with hope and whimsy (see the full schedule from here). Most summers, I'd have rushed to to open the schedule on my browser, I'd have pressed "ctrl-f" on my keyboard and then I'd type in the word: "Chicago." Then I'd dream about the Canucks taking a string of stupid penalties on November 15th, as they take an endless torrent of righteous retributive cheap shots at Duncan Keith. 

This summer it's a bit different (though I still did exactly what I described above). With CBA uncertainty looming, it's possible, even likely, that a sizable portion of this particular schedule will be lost to a labour stoppage. Looking at the 2012-13 regular season schedule at this point in June, is like trusting the weatherman - at best you're getting a quick glimpse at would could possibly (hopefully!), but probably won't happen. 

Let's break down some key games and other interesting issues anyway after the jump!

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NHL Draft: Five First Round Targets

Jeff Angus
June 21 2012 08:30AM

Assuming Vancouver doesn’t move up from or trade away the 26th overall selection in this Friday’s first round, who should they target? Here are five realistic (no Nail Yakupov unfortunately) targets who would all fill a long term need.

Read on past the jump.

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