Vancouver’s Game Three Loss, Historically

Jonathan Willis
June 06 2011 10:41PM

The Vancouver Canucks’ 8-1 loss to Boston was a lopsided affair. I couldn’t remember a worse loss in the Stanley Cup Finals off the top of my head, so I decided to dig to find out how that loss ranked historically.

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Yippee-ki-yay: Canucks & Bruins - Game Three

Yankee Canuck
June 06 2011 05:37PM


Vancouver Canucks @ Boston Bruins

  5:00 PM PST

Bruins   Canucks
12 Wins 14
8 Losses 6
0 OTL 2
3.00 (6th) Goals/Game 2.70 (9th)
2.45 (4th) Goals Against/Game 2.40 ( 2nd)
8.6% (14th) PP 26.5% (3rd)
80.3% (9th) PK 81.5% (6th)

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June 06 2011 02:14PM


The Vancouver Canucks are two games up in the Stanley Cup Finals. The Winnipeg Jets are closer to taking the ice and potentially making them selves an instant contender for a playoff run. And still stalwart Oilers fans like the one above find a way to continue to represent.

Big ups to @NHL_imagineer for the dope picture and @seancollins11 for being such a hardcore dude and being in the picture.

It's NationRadio.

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GDR: SCF Gm 3 - Canucks @ Bruins

Cam Davie
June 06 2011 08:16AM

"I scored the game-winning goal in OT. And now I am learning to FLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!"
"Daniel! Have you seen what Alex can do? He can FLY!"
(Photo by Brian Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images)

Game Day Recon: Stanley Cup Final Game 3 - Canucks @ Bruins

The Vancouver Canucks have scored some improbable goals at some improbable times during the Stanley Cup Final. Lucky for them, they are taking those improbable goals to Boston with a 2-0 series lead.

Will the Canucks get their power play going? Can the Canucks continue to rely on timely goals? Will home ice prove to be the missing ingredient for the Bruins to win their first game? Will the Canucks take a real stranglehold on the Stanley Cup Final?

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On Biting, Diving and Rooting for the “Bad-Guy”

Thomas Drance
June 05 2011 01:11PM

Om Nom Nom
(Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images)

From the stellar ratings, to the nicknacks in Harper's office - Canada clearly cares about the Canucks. Whether you're rooting for the Canucks, or obsessing over your hatred for their greasy, diving ways – you're watching the games, and you have an opinion. So they don't “represent you” - of course they don't – unless you were born in Vancouver, moved there, or developed an affection for the team through the osmosis of knowing, dating, or working with a huge fan. Obviously, the only team that represents Canada is the national team. Either way, Canada cares what happens to this team, and lots of neutral fans are rooting for them – that's just fact.

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