Game #52 Preview - Downhill Slide

Thomas Drance
February 04 2012 07:16AM

It has been nearly three months since Avs Winger Daniel Winnick "hadouken'd" Alex Edler.

 Game Day Recon: Game #52 - Canucks @ Avalanche

Early this afternoon the "slumping" Canucks visit the Mile High City for another Saturday day-game that won't be televised, or covered, by Hockey Night in Canada. It's the Canucks third non-HNIC, Saturday day-game in 2012, with the memorable affairs in Boston, and in Vancouver against San Jose, being the other recent examples.

Are all of these early starts responsible for the breakdown in the Canucks once-vaunted possession game over the past four weeks? Probably not, but they're getting to be a bit frustrating! The CBC may not produce my favorite hockey broadcast anymore, but damn-it, seeing les boys on Hockey Night still means something! 

A longer recap, underlying numbers from both teams, and more after the jump!

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Cheers and Jeers - Feb 3rd

Cam Davie
February 03 2012 02:14PM

The Good and the Bad of this past week.

It's Friday. So we close out the "Week That Was" with our latest volume of... "Cheers and Jeers!"

This week, I tip my hat to Captain Clutch and a couple of Blackhawks fans (WHAT?!?!), but I stop the clock on the Staples Center staff and smash my own hands in penance.

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The Canucks vs. The Northwest Division: Feasting on Cupcakes

Jeff Paterson
February 03 2012 01:24PM

Shhh. Don't tell the four teams waging war on a nightly basis for Central Division supremacy about what's going on in the sleepy Northwest. Alright, it's not much of a secret really, but I don't know if people realize just how much the Canucks have benefited from running roughshod over the "cupcakes" in their division the past three seasons, especially the Colorado Avalanche. This stuff will make those Central Division guys cringe, if not cry.

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Wolves Half-season Review - Forwards

Patrick Johnston
February 03 2012 10:53AM

Billy Sweatt has been very, very steady for the Wolves so far this year.
(Chris Jerina/AHL in Photos)

A season which started slowly has been begun to pick up pace of late. The Wolves are scoring goals and the forwards have led the way. It's an interesting mix of young and old, with some pretty handy, interchangeable parts. Lets take  a look at the first half of the season for the Chicago Wolves' forwards.

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Canucks somehow salvage point vs. Wings - Recap and Chance Data

Cam Charron
February 02 2012 11:29PM

The entire tenure of Gary Bettman can be summed up in the fact that the Vancouver Canucks got a point tonight. They had no business being in this game, no business winning this game, and yet still took it to a shootout and escape with what amounts to half a victory in this warped system the NHL has created for itself.

For analysis, scoring-chance breakdown and the Statistical Three Stars, click past the jump.

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