Lets Hope The Canucks Are Just Tired

Thomas Drance
January 16 2012 12:48PM


Though the Canucks have won three times in the past five games, including two wins over the Bruins and Blues (both among the best five-on-five teams in the NHL), the team has been playing by far their worst hockey of the season.

At Canucks Army, we pride ourselves on contextualizing results, and placing more emphasis on predictive signs like the way a team controls events, especially when the score is tied, than on transient ones, like wins and losses. In the first month of the season, this approach led us to point out how unlucky the team was, and to assure our readers that the team was poised to turn it around despite some frustrating losses and the club's .500 record. By that same logic, it's worth pointing out that the Canucks are trending in the wrong direction over the past week.

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Royally Ducked: Canucks drop 4-2 decision to Anaheim

Cam Charron
January 16 2012 11:27AM

-...yeah, pretty much (Photo via Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images)

It was long, depressing and boring, and Ricky Gervais wasn't even around to save the day. The Canucks came home from a four-game road trip and looked lifeless through two periods, generating nothing offensively, and allowing an inferior hockey team to walk all over them at home ice. For analysis, statistical three stars, and a scoring chance recap, click past the jump.

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Game Preview #46 - Duck Season Is Fast Approaching

Cam Davie
January 15 2012 02:44PM

Looks like Kesler and Henrik are lining up for one of them there Hockey Hugs.
(Photo by Jessica Haydahl/NHLI via Getty Images)

Game Day Recon: Game #46 - Ducks @ Canucks

It's not just one thing that has gone wrong in Anaheim this season. It's a combination of everything. Poor goaltending, poor defence, and poor offence has led to a REALLY poor season. And we've only just hit the midway point of the season.

With the fire sale imminent (if you believe those in the know), because of a lack of production from the team's biggest stars and highest paid players, you have to wonder just who will be playing for this team by the end of the year. And... will any of them be wearing Canucks colours in short order?

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Nation Radio - January 14, 2012

January 15 2012 11:30AM



The mid-season doldrums are officially here. With winter finally arriving in Alberta this weekend, Lowetide takes a look at the Oilers as they tumble down the standings.

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Rising Action: On narratives

Patrick Johnston
January 14 2012 05:24PM

Rising Action is a sometimes weekly, sometimes bi-weekly column from Canucks Army writer Patrick Johnston which comments on issues in the media. This week, it's all about the narrative.

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