Journal of Hockey Analytics: Volume I Issue 4

Josh W
June 02 2014 10:46AM


Courtesy of Reddit's /u/Kebbs

Welcome back to this week's Journal of Hockey Analytics. For your giant repository of link dumps of all hockey analytics works I could find. Whether to help you get through a boring Monday or to help you advance your shot quality project. Take a look and maybe your ideas will be inspired.

For systems analysis, more "Sham Sharron" scouting tips, and new data for your own projects, see all the links past the jump!

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May 30 2014 03:30PM


It's Friday and don't, for one second, pretend you're working on anything. You may as well read this Playoff Pool update to see how badly I suck and how my dreams of Internet prizery are being replaced by the stench of failure and loneliness. Somewhere out there, Chris Kelly is laughing at me. He's pointing at his screen and mocking my stupidity. Not only did I choose an injured player for my roster, I didn't take a single Canadien,NY Ranger or Chicago Blackhawk. Now, the only thing left for me to stare at the concrete as I plummet to earth and wait for impact. This is my life at the bottom, laugh if you must.

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Canucks Army Weekly Prospect Reportlet - May 29, 2014

Josh W
May 29 2014 02:10PM

In this week's report(let) we're going to go through all of the latest relevant prospect news because, well, it's nearing the end of May and we don't really have much of it to begin with. When there isn't news, we look for gossip, and when there's no gossip, we make things up. Never let a fact ruin a good prospect narrative is what I always say to Dimitri (and anyone that'll listen)!

A reminder that if you're bored this summer, craving hockey news, and would like to stay updated on everything regarding Canucks prospects by following me on Twitter @nuckprospects. You're also more than welcome to send me any feedback on anything prospect related you wish for me to cover in the future.

For Memorial Cup #FancyStats, the latest in Canucks and Comets news, read on past the jump!

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Brian Sutherby
May 29 2014 09:30AM


The NHL's version of speed dating is going on this week.  For players, it's their first real glimpse of what the next level will entail.  It’s exciting and also a little scary at the same time.

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Jim Benning spoke today, and I listened so that you wouldn't have to

Dimitri Filipovic
May 27 2014 05:47PM


I don't have the tweet handy, but I distinctly remember Bob McKenzie going on a radio program a few weeks ago and gently, in a which he seems to always do so expertly, pointing out that GM candidate Jim Benning wasn't exactly one for the spotlight. That he was a simple, understated guy that wouldn't "wow!" you. 

Maybe even more understated than Benning himself, though, was McKenzie's preemptive warning of the new Canucks GM's persona. After an introductory press conference so tame that Thomas Drance compared his charisma to that of a "pair of brown dockers", he joined Dave Naylor and Dave Hodge on TSN Drive to dispel the notion that this is a sample size issue. 

Luckily for Jim, the guy that brought him into the fold appears to very well be the perfect complement to his particular skillset on paper, and he appears to be quite cognizant of that. He discussed his working relationship with Linden, the core of the team, and the direction he envisions things going in his most recent public appearance on Tuesday afternoon. We'll get into all of it just past the jump. 

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