Decisions, Decisions.

Thomas Drance
June 20 2011 01:52PM

The Canucks have some tough decisions to make, none more difficult than what to do with Roberto Luongo.
(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

 This is a fan-post written by Malcolm Ert.

I still can’t believe what happened on Wednesday night. Like a lot of you, I was so sure the whole year that the Canucks were destined to win it all. I think Bieksa said it best “I don’t think you ever get over a SCF game 7 loss.” I once lost a winner takes all championship game like this one, obviously, it was high-school sports so it's not even remotely on the same level – but I do know it hurts and that you never get over it. But there is nothing we, or anyone else, can do about it now - I know I did everything thing i could at game 5 as a fan, so on to the next one...

The one thing the 11/12 Nucks will have the 10/11 team didn’t is the taste of the finals. The desire to get back might have been absent had the team drunk from the cup. So yes, i will once again be put money on our boys in Vegas. The core will want this badly now, more so than before. However, Gillis and company do need to make some tweaks. Sure, I would take the exact roster again next year, but in a capped world – that's not really an option. Changes are coming.

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Playoff Prediction Project: Final Standings

Jonathan Willis
June 20 2011 01:04PM

In the wake of the Stanley Cup finals and the build-up to the NHL Entry Draft, I completely forgot to post the final standings for the Nation Network’s playoff prediction contest.

After the jump, the final results.

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June 19 2011 10:30PM

It takes a lot go get NationRadio on the air every week. Technology, entertaining guests and of course the legendary Lowetide.

This week Mark Lamb makes an appearance on the show, as does Scott Reynolds from Copper and Blue, Kirk Luedeke, Kent Simpson, Matt Bugg and Jason Gregor.

This is NationRadio.

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Series Redux: Canucks/Bruins

Cam Davie
June 17 2011 08:00AM

All For Naught.
(Photo by Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Image)

How does the saying go? A day late and a dollar short. Well the Vancouver Canucks were 1 win late and about 20 goals short.

And the off season now begins with nothing to show for it but 15 playoffs wins and a city on the mend, both physically and mentally.

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Story Of My Life: Canucks & Bruins - Game Seven

Yankee Canuck
June 15 2011 05:41PM


Boston Bruins @ Vancouver Canucks

  5:00 PM PST

Bruins   Canucks
15 Wins 15
9 Losses 9
0 OTL 2
3.21 (5th) Goals/Game 2.42 (14th)
2.21 (1st) Goals Against/Game 2.71 (8th)
11.5% (14th) PP 20.9% (6th)
84% (6th) PK 80.6% (9th)

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