Game 9 Preview: Canucks @ Oilers

Thomas Drance
February 04 2013 01:00PM

Photo Credit: The Canadian Press/Darryl Dyck

Vancouver got a break this weekend from their early season meat grinder schedule - the club played their first eight games in twelve days - and presumably used the footage from Friday night's uninspired shootout win over the Chicago Blackhawks to help them get some additional shut-eye too!

Over the past eight games the Canucks have faced a bevy of quality teams in the Kings, Blackhawks and Sharks, and a couple of playoff bubble teams in the Oilers and the Ducks. Also they played games against the Flames and the Avalanche. The Canucks have emerged from their tough, treading water stretch with a 4-2-2 record which is good for their best start to a season since 2005 (hilarious). I'd say the record so far, inflated as it is by the loser point, is reason for some optimism especially in light of the club's injury woes.

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The Worst Lead In Hockey

Graphic Comments
February 04 2013 08:32AM

The worst lead in hockey

The good news is the Canucks have had a 2-0 lead in five of their first eight games, and a one goal lead in two others. The bad news is they've given away 8 points to conference opponents in those games.

That being said, the Canucks are off to the best start in years. And so is Luongo. As I said last time, try and remember that the calendar is meaningless. Forget that it's January and just pretend that it's October.

The Canucks' start feels way better now, doesn't it?

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting there is nothing to worry about in Canucksville. In fact, there are always plenty of concerns. The last time I completely gave on my pessimism, they were up 2-0 in the Stanley Cup Final. And we know how that turned out...

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Strombabble: Mr Gillis and Mr Gilman go to Washington

Patrick Johnston
February 03 2013 12:20PM

The Canucks have been interested in Troy Brouwer before, could they be again?

Looks like it's time to add Washington to the list of potential Lu-suitors.

Jeff Angus gave a rundown on Thursday of possible Luongo landing sites, so unless Gillis and Gilman are taking the most round-about route to New Orleans you can imagine - and on Super Bowl Sunday, to boot - it's time to add the U.S. capital  to the list.

Mike Gillis has stressed since the beginning that this would be a hockey trade as much as anything; waiting for the season to start and for teams to start seeing gaps in their lineup always made sense. With the Capitals off to a poor start, are they set to make the proverbial 'shake things up' trade?

Some quick analysis, after the jump.

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Best of the Nation – 2.3.13

Jonathan Willis
February 03 2013 10:31AM

Trade talk, draft talk, and the early season's whipping boys! All that and more after the jump!

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Canucks beat Blackhawks in underwhelming affair: Recap and chance data

Cam Charron
February 02 2013 12:10AM

Photo via Jeff Vinnick/NHLInterative

When our pal Thomas sent out an email Friday afternoon putting himself out for the night with a lower-body injury, I sympathized. It did remain that we needed somebody to step in and count the scoring chances and write a post-game recap for this contest. Hockey is a physical game, and blogging can take a toll on a human being as well. You may laugh, but without being in the right creative mindset, or generally feeling uncomfortable, blogging feels like work, man.

I think I would have preferred to spend my Friday night messed up on painkillers nursing a back injury than re-living this dud of a game. A hockey game was scheduled to start just after 7:00 p.m. on a gorgeous February night in Vancouver. A little over two and a half hours later, the game was over, and the Canucks found themselves with a 2-1 shootout victory over the Chicago Blackhawks. There was supposed to be a furious pace, there was supposed to be furious retribution for Duncan Keith's elbow to Daniel Sedin's head when the teams last faced each other. Neither of those things happened.

Neither team deserved to win. Neither team dressed more than one line for the contest. But somebody did and, to the readers of this blog, the right team won. Analysis below.

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