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October 20 2014 11:45AM

The Nation Network brings you the Nation Minute, a rapid fire look at stats and news around the network or NHL. On tap this week: The Canucks offense, Jonas Hiller, Ben Scrivens, Mark Fayne and more.

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Drance Numbers - Fun with Small Samples

Thomas Drance
October 20 2014 10:44AM


It's early in the season, the Canucks are 3-1-0 mostly on the backs of beating woeful Alberta-based teams, and there's still an awful lot of noise present in the underlying data. 

While we can infer some things about the club based on the roster, the eye-test, and the past performances of some of the club's personnel, the truth is, it's too early still. The data at this point isn't mature enough to allow us to draw conclusions about the quality of this new-look Canucks club with any confidence.

We'll still proceed and see what we can see, but keep the relative softness of the Canucks schedule and the volatility of miniscule samples in mind. At this point in the season, this is guesswork mostly.

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How the Vancouver Canucks Can Learn from the Seattle Mariners

Matthew Henderson
October 19 2014 06:28PM


Now, I know. It’s hard to compare sports, especially hockey and baseball. But the parallels that can be drawn between the two can show that the Canucks can learn from their Pacific Northwest counterparts success, and downfalls. 

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Utica Comets Scouting Report - October 12th, 2014

Josh W
October 19 2014 02:00PM


Courtesy of

On Sunday, October 12th, I was in Toronto and was able to be granted Media Access to the Toronto Marlies game where I was able to scout the Comets play their second regular season game (Quick shout out to the Marlies for being very east to work with!).  I was joined by a number of other people from Hockey Twitter including Jeff Veillette from the Leafs Nation, Timo Seppa and Ryan Wagman of Hockey Prospectus, and Gus Katsaros from McKeen’s hockey.

I was able to get a bit of scouting coaching from Gus Katsaros who taught me a few things to look out for.

I also learned a few of his opinions on Canuck’s prospects which include:

  • Frank Corrado: a very intelligent player who is always working on things in the warm up, primarily his skating technique, stop/starts, quick cuts and directional changes, shows he knows to use his limited ice time to work on deficiencies.
  • Hunter Shinkaruk: Seemed very keen on this player, has skills that translate well to the NHL, with solid footwork and pace.
  • Nicklas Jensen: has lots of good attributes, particularly skating and solid footwork, but needs to work on his stick handling and some puck skills where his hands catch up with his feet
  • Brendan Gaunce: likely to be a utility player in the NHL.

Here’s what I took away from this game:

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The Sunday Morning Mailbag

Rhys Jessop
October 19 2014 11:30AM


Welcome to the Sunday Morning Mailbag; a feature we'll be running throughout the season where you send us questions and we answer them. Easy!

This week, we'll be outlining how this feature is going to work, and how you can get your questions answered. Read past the jump.

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