How I Met Your Mother (While She Was Dressed as Roberto Luongo).

Thomas Drance
October 17 2011 11:28AM

In a post about how Katie Holmes will guest star on this weeks Halloween episode of How I Met Your Mother - Perez Hilton has unwittingly unveiled some curious Canucks news.

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Q&A with Ted Gruber, The Chicago Wolves Blog Guy

Patrick Johnston
October 17 2011 11:07AM

Ted Gruber is passionate about Chicago Wolves championships.
(Photo courtesy Ted Gruber)

Last Thursday Ted Gruber took a few minutes to answer some questions about the Chicago Wolves via the miracle of Skype. What follows is Ted's view of the Chicago Wolves.

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Catching up with Nicklas Jensen

Thomas Drance
October 17 2011 09:31AM

Nicklas Jensen, the Canucks first round selection in the 2011 NHL entry draft is skilled, and rather massive. Standing 6,3 and possessing advanced puck-skills for his age, Jensen was impressive at prospects camp and at training camp last month. The 18 year old Danish national managed to hang-around right until the final cuts were made, and many were speculating that he might become the first 18 year old since Petr Nedved to crack the opening day roster. Though he was eventually sent back to Oshawa, few would have anticipated heading into camp that Jensen would have made such an impression.

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October 16 2011 02:07PM

One week into the NHL season and there are already a ton of items on Lowetide's agenda this week. Arena talk in Edmonton, Luongo's early season struggles in Vancouver and a detailed look at the Oilers' AHL affiliate in Oklahoma.

This is NationRadio.

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Player types: Conclusion, and in defense of the "low-event" superstar

Cam Charron
October 16 2011 09:18AM



Well, after a couple of weeks of research and organizing and sorting, we got six basic standard "player types" that are sorted between "high- and low-event" players that I'll be using for a little bit more of my analysis on the Nations.

If you missed it, those six player types are:

The Two-Way Forward
The Defensive Forward
The Offensive Liability
The No-Way Forward
The Defensive Liability
The Offensive Forward

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