Canucks Army GDT #38 - Canucks vs. Islanders

Rhys Jessop
January 06 2015 12:50PM

The New York Islanders have transformed themselves into one of the East's best teams overnight, and they come to Vancouver looking to continue to challenge for the Metropolitan division title. Vancouver on the other hand will be looking to not only build on a good win against the Detroit Red Wings on Saturday, but also to avenge a horrific 7-4 loss at the hands of these same Isles last season.

Read past the jump for today's game preview.

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Catching Up With Old Friends: Former Canucks Forwards

J.D. Burke
January 06 2015 09:30AM

With another calendar year behind us, I'm able to embark on this year's version of "Catching Up With Old Friends". With last season's embarrassing finish, the Canucks cleaned house before hiring Trevor Linden, Jim Benning, and eventually Willie Desjardins to right the ship.

With a general manager that had no attachment to the players already in place, it seemed only reasonable to expect that there would be changes aplenty in Vancouver. The Canucks didn't disappoint. Let's look at some of the players that have departed since and how they are faring in their new environments. I'll make it a two-part series, with today's piece focusing on the forwards.

Pour a little liquor and join us after the jump.

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World Junior Postgame: Gold Rush

Bobby Cappuccino
January 05 2015 09:41PM

Canada. Russia. Whenever these two teams meet, magic seems to follow. And boy was tonight magical - a star-studded Canadian side facing off against a very underrated Russian group with a hot goalie.

A perfectly set stage.

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Canucks Army Monthly Player Grades - Defensemen, Jan 5th, 2015

Rhys Jessop
January 05 2015 11:00AM

Player Report Cards

By popular demand, we have moved the player grades feature from a weekly feature to a monthly feature that will run on the first Monday of every month. Since our friend Moneypuck looks at monthly performances in his Deep Dive, these grades will focus on the season-long performance of Canucks defense. The grades for forwards ran earlier this morning.

Let's get started then. Read past the jump!

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TCGD: Putin it all on the line

Jon Steitzer
January 05 2015 10:59AM

Canada's performance against Russia in the past few World Juniors tournaments leaves a lot to be desired. Fortunately, every year the roster is completely turned over and there isn't any reason to believe that trend has to continue. Nonetheless, the Russian's still have the same head coach in Valeri Bragin that has kept the Russians so damn competitive over the past half decade.

The Russians have forsaken their stereotypical enigmatic roster, and have opted for a blue collar, lunch pail, physical lineup that Hockey Canada would be proud to dress. Canada will have its first true test of the tournament against its historical and greatest rival.

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