Canucks Army Year in Review: Alex Edler

Grainne Downey
May 02 2016 11:00AM



Alex Edler started the 2015/2016 campaign right where he left off the previous season - playing alongside defensive stalwart Chris Tanev. Given the success those two enjoyed as the Canucks top pairing last season, the two looked poised to continue shutting down the league's best on a nightly basis.

He did so, for a while, but his season was cut short when in early February he blocked a shot that broke his fibula. Sidelined for the rest of the year, Edler got to watch the team spiral into the mess that had Canucks fans actively and emotionally watching the NHL draft lottery. 

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Monday Morning Musing: May 2nd

J.D. Burke
May 02 2016 09:00AM


I'm of the belief that even the most inconsequential of transactions, events and whatever you may have leaguewide affects every team, at every level, to some extent. Newton's law and so on.

With that in mind, there just simply isn't enough time or resources to give them all the attention they deserve in this space. Ideally, though, one can scratch the surface of these events - linked directly to the Vancouver Canucks or otherwise - and examine their far-reaching impact to Roger's Arena and beyond.

With that, here are my Monday Morning Musings for the week that was.

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Canucks Army Year in Review: Daniel Sedin

Jeremy Davis
May 01 2016 05:00PM


Daniel Sedin had something of a renaissance year in 2015-16, which is odd because he also had something of a renaissance year in the previous season. After the disaster that was 2013-14, Daniel and his brother proved that they were still first line players in 2014-15 by putting up 70+ points in the regular season.

The knock on him was the he appeared to be becoming a second version of Henrik - not only did they look exactly alike, but their play was overlapping more than ever. Long the shooter of the pair, Daniel put up the highest assist:goal ratio in his career in 2014-15, prompting many to assume that his goal scoring days were over. However, goals in four straight games to end the season hinted that that might not be the case.

This season, Daniel showed that he could still fill the back of the net, potting 28 goals in 82 games - his highest total since 2011-12. He spent much of the season on pace for many more, and a return to 30 goals seemed like a lock. However, underlying injuries and a team collapse took the wind out of those sails.

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Canucks Army Year in Review: Brandon Sutter

J.D. Burke
May 01 2016 02:21PM

Acquired in an off-season trade with the Pittsburgh Penguins, Brandon Sutter's first season with the Vancouver Canucks was interrupted, then finished entirely by injuries. First by sports hernia surgery, which required surgery and kept him out of the lineup for close to two full months; then by a broken jaw, suffered in a February 9th contest against the Colorado Avalanche. In total Sutter played just 20 games this season.

Though Canucks general manager Jim Benning went on record lauding his newest acquisition for his two-way acumen and ability to add size and speed down the middle of their lineup, there wasn't necessarily room for Sutter to play there. Instead, the Canucks played Sutter alongside the Sedin twins, occupying the right wing spot that Jannik Hansen later resided.

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3 Players the Vancouver Canucks Could Select 5th Overall

J.D. Burke
April 30 2016 08:03PM

The NHL's Draft Lottery has come and gone and the Vancouver Canucks landed exactly where they were most likely to, at fifth overall. Put in those terms, it's nowhere near as devastating as many Canucks fans, myself included, are taking the news of today's events.

Besides, it's not like there won't be many great players available at fifth overall. Best of all is that there's a tonne of discretion involved once you get into that range. Ask any two scouts to fill out the fourth to tenth overall picks and you're likely to get two very different answers.

I'm no scout, but I've followed many of the highly sought after prospects in this year's draft and have a list of my own in the works. Nowhere near ready to publish it in full, but I can provide hair insight into what I'm working with by detailing three such prospects that the Canucks are likely to take in their newly resided fifth overall spot in the upcoming draft.

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