Canucks sign Swedish UFA defenceman Tom Nilsson

Ryan Biech
May 26 2016 03:22PM

The Vancouver Canucks have made a smaller splash today, signing free agent defenceman Tom Nilsson to a one year two way contract.

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Gudbranson for McCann: a short term win for the Canucks

Jeff Paterson
May 26 2016 03:00PM

Call it a win for the Vancouver Canucks -- in the short term. Acquiring hulking right-handed defenseman Eric Gudbranson from Florida offers an immediate upgrade to a Canucks blueline desperately in need of help. So as the dust settles on Wednesday night’s deal, the Canucks have bolstered their defense corps at the cost of a player -- Jared McCann -- who may not have made Willie Desjardins’ hockey club out of training camp. In that sense, player for player, the Canucks are a better team today than they were yesterday.

However, National Hockey League deals involving young players and draft picks are not done for one season nor will they be judged after just one year. That’s where things may very well swing in Florida’s favour.

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The market for right-handed defensemen and Erik Gudbranson

Cat Silverman
May 26 2016 01:00PM

Wednesday night, the Canucks made a move to shore up their blue line depth moving forward. They acquired former third overall pick Erik Gudbranson, a right shot defenseman with a hulking stature and a stay-at-home billing to his game, along with a 2016 fifth round pick. 

Known for his size and heavy-hitting style, Gudbranson brings some meanness to the Canucks lineup - but that tough stature didn't come cheap. Headed back the other way is former wunderkind Jared McCann, along with a second-round pick this year - which will be 33rd overall - and a fourth-round pick. 

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First Look: What the Hell are the Vancouver Canucks Doing?

J.D. Burke
May 26 2016 11:00AM

The Vancouver Canucks likely made the worst trade of the off-season a full month before it officially started, dealing Jared McCann and a pair of draft picks (their second and fourth round selections in 2016) to the Florida Panthers for Erik Gudbranson and a fifth round selection in the 2016 draft. 

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Asset Managment and Defensive Defencemen

Jeff Veillette
May 26 2016 10:27AM

Being a first-class organization in the National Hockey League requires a lot of different things. This isn't the dusty copy of NHL 2001 for PlayStation that's sitting on your abandoned CD rack in the attic; you can't just trade players for players one overall higher than them until you've built an all-star team. You can't just keep trading draft picks from five years down the line until your career mode finishes. Most importantly, the Salary Cap is a thing that exists now, and building a competitive roster has to be relative to a dollar restriction.

Keeping all of this in mind, I present you a comparison.

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