Cory Schneider Abandons his Usual Tact, Mocks Edmonton

Thomas Drance
April 13 2012 10:42AM

Throughout the past two seasons Cory Schneider has repeatedly proven to be exceptionally skilled with his use of words. When you think about it, this skill has been essential to him, after all he occupies a highly flammable position in the Vancouver sports market. Just one tone-deaf Schneider quote could bring a chorus of boo's down on already embattled starter Roberto Luongo. Certainly Schneider is popular enough, especially among certain segments of Canucks fans, that if he came out and said something even indirectly referencing the idea that he "should be the starter" all hell would break loose on the Team 1040's call-in shows.

Schneider is something of a chameleon, really. He's Boston born, but he plays for the Canucks, and if the alleged actions of his Massachusetts born girlfriend Jill are any indication, he's very loyal towards his first professional team. He can impersonate any Canucks roster player or coach with aplomb and he can talk politics without hitting a single wrong note. We've said it before, but Schneider has a politicians understanding of "messaging" and so it was a surprise to hear that yesterday, he took an all-out, tactless (albeit highly accurate and amusing) shot at one of the Canucks most moribund divisional "rivals": the Edmonton Oilers

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Nation Network Hockey Pool: The Winners

Jonathan Willis
April 13 2012 09:14AM

For the first time in the history of this contest, we're going to update exactly when we said we were. Today, we present the winners of this year's Nation Network Hockey Pool.

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Game Two Adjustments

Jeff Angus
April 13 2012 09:07AM

The Canucks were thoroughly outclassed in game one by a bigger, more physical, and much more disciplined Kings squad. Thankfully the series is a best-of-seven and not a best-of-one. The Canucks are in a hole, but they've got time to stem the tide and there were some bright spots on Wednesday (Jannik Hansen was sensational, as was Roberto Luongo). But there are also a number of issues to iron out if the team hopes to level the series before heading to Los Angeles on the weekend.

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Bitz Suspended Two Games

Thomas Drance
April 12 2012 06:28PM

Going into the postseason, the Canucks were the only NHL team that could boast a clean sheet where supplementary discipline was concerned. That changed on Thursday evening, as it was officially announced that Byron Bit has received a two game suspension from the league for his dirty hit to the head of L.A. Kings pugilist Kyle Clifford in game one. Kyle Clifford will miss at least the next game between the two teams on Friday.

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The Canucks May not be Canada's Team, but They're God's Team

Trevor Presiloski
April 12 2012 03:45PM

Honestly, Willie Mitchell should be playing the role of Judas here.
(Image care of

"The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men."

So I totally understand people like Robert Tychowski, asking who "sholld" Canadian hockey root for this postseason (and inevitably answer that, however it is, it shouldn't be the Canucks, because the Canucks aren't Canada's team).

That's fine, because the Canucks are God's team.

I'm not religious, have never been to church and most likely never will. However, it's hard to argue with the evidence that is right in front of you. The Canucks, clearly, are the anointed ones and the rest of the NHL needs to suck it up and deal with it.

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