Afternoon Headshots: March 4th

Thomas Drance
March 04 2013 05:18PM

In this particular .gif Jordan Schroeder appears to be a puppet.
Photo Courtesy: SedinTwins.

After a week off, headshots are back! I'm going to change the structure of these posts a bit, and begin by recapping the day that was at Canucks Army. Other Canucks-related links will appear on the other side of the jump. 

It was a big weekend for the Canucks and a busy content weekend for Canucks Army too! We kicked off our Saturday with the Canucks week in quips, considered Jordan Schroeder's offensive upside and capped the day off by thoroughly enjoying Vancouver's complete dismantling of the Los Angeles Kings on Hockey Night in Canada. On Sunday we learned more about what goes into cutting a hockey highlight package, pondered whether or not Mike Gillis really knew that Ryan O'Relly would've had to clear waivers had the Canucks signed him to an offer sheet, and were underwhelmed by Vancouver's exhausted performance in Calgary. Today we fleshed out the reasons behind Keith Ballard's most recent press box stint and marvelled at Cory Schneider's Vancouver Millionaires mask.

More Canucks links and other fun stuff on the other side of the jump!

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Free Keith Ballard

Thomas Drance
March 04 2013 03:18PM

Keith Ballard is back in the doghouse following a strong start to the 2013 season.
Andy Marlin/Getty Images North America

For whatever reason, whether it's his relationship with headcoach Alain Vigneault or an inability to fit in with the Canucks' system, Keith Ballard's Vancouver Canucks tenure has been a blackhole. The fleet of foot defenseman with the marvelous hips was acquired prior to the 2010 NHL draft in exchange for Michael Grabner, Steve Bernier and the pick that became Quinton Howden. Since then Keith Ballard has gone from a steady tough-minutes top-four defenseman to a (probably) untradable asset and a likely buyout candidate. It has been a mind-boggling fall from grace, and a borderline inexplicable one.

While Keith Ballard has handled the situation in gamely fashion publicly, it's clear that his latest stint in the pressbox (coming as it did on the heels of a steady first sixteen or so games to start this season) has frustrated the Canucks defenseman. Talking to the folks from News1130, Ballard's agent Ben Hankinson revealed as much on Monday morning, and said that he'd be talking to the Canucks about the situation:

Let's get into it on the other side of the jump.

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Cory Schneider Goes the Extra Mile to Ensure he gets the Start in Marquee Game

Thomas Drance
March 04 2013 11:24AM


In less than two weeks time the Canucks will wear their flashy new Vancouver Millionaires retro threads in a home game against the Detroit Red Wings.  It's the marquee game of the regular season for the Canucks, and there's plenty of speculation in the Vancouver sports market that in addition to sporting their new Millionaires jerseys, the club will also retire Pavel Bure's number 10 at the game.

Well, courtesy Kevin Woodley's informative publication InGoal mag, we now know that Canucks goaltender Cory Schneider really wants to start the game. In putting together a Vancouver Millionaires mask specifically for the occassion he's really dotted his i's and crossed his t's in an effort to get Alain Vigneault's coin to come up tails. 

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Canucks Drop a Gimme in Calgary

Thomas Drance
March 03 2013 11:35PM

Cam Barker made his debut in a Canucks loss to the Flames on Sunday night.
Photo Credit: Gerry Thomas/NHLI via Getty Images

The Canucks barely made it out of Vancouver on Sunday evening in advance of their contest against Calgary. Once the team landed in cowtown, the Canucks had only a couple of hours to transition from the tarmac to the rink. Ultimately they may as well have stayed at home, as they frittered away two points against an overmatched opponent playing in front of an AHL goaltender...

There's context here of course. Vancouver was coming off of an emotional home win over the Los Angeles Kings the night before and it's no surprise that they put in a bit of a flat effort in the second game of a travelling back-to-back. Still, Vancouver started strong and ran out of gas late and fell behind for good on a goal that immediately followed a goofy "bench minor" penalty charged against Alain Vigneault in the third.  It was an appropriate way for a listless, frustrating game to end.

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Game 21 Preview: Canucks @ Flames

Thomas Drance
March 03 2013 05:12PM

"Aww come on, really? No snow day?!!!"
Photo Credit: @sportsnetmurph

I think it's fair to assume that the Canucks watched the weather (and airport) reports out of Calgary this afternoon with the intent, hopeful interest of a child crossing their fingers and hoping for a snow day. Due to a severe snow storm that has battered Calgary for the past couple of days, the airport was closed (partly because the runway lights were malfunctioning) and the Canucks had a hell of a time getting into town. In fact, for a couple of hours there it looked like tonight's game might be cancelled or postponed. Ultimately the Canucks managed to land in cowtown, and will face a quick transition as they rush to the rink, get a game day skate in and prepare to battle a Flames team they've historically dominated.

With a hectic travel schedule and coming off of an emotional victory last night against the Kings, the Canucks could struggle to find their legs in this one. On the other hand, the Flames will start Danny Taylor in net so yeah...

Read on past the jump for a (not very) thorough preview.

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