Canucks Army GDT #38 - Canucks @ Blackhawks

Dimitri Filipovic
December 20 2013 02:55PM

Eddie Lack used to enjoy being in Chicago. This'll be a different experience, you'd imagine.

The title for last night's game recap was "It Gets Easier, Right", and it turns out that the answer is a definitive "no". The score from that game is actually misleading, seeing as the Canucks completely and utterly dominated the entire 2nd period of a game in which they were only down 2-1. But a soft back-breaking goal by Cole late in the 2nd really did them in.

Less than 24 hours following the loss they're back at it, this time against the Chicago Blackhawks and their usual gimmicks; Jim Cornelison's extravagant anthem, Chelsea Dagger, Vince Vaughn, and some very good hockey players. It's far from an ideal situation for the Canucks given all of the circumstances, but there's a reason they play the games. Remember that time they were supposed to get slaughtered by the Blues at the end of their 7-game road trip? Yeah..

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The Canucks Week in Quips for Dec 19th

December 20 2013 12:22PM

With any luck, this awful pun will land me a job running the @VanCanucks Twitter account.

After their biggest win of the season at home, the Canucks are on the road this week where they've been good all year, culminating in a showdown with the Blackhawks at the Mad House.

Here are 10 thoughts for the week, and since this is my last entry before Christmas, I hope everyone enjoys a safe and happy holiday season. Here we go!

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Canucks Army Postgame: It Gets Easier, Right?

Dimitri Filipovic
December 19 2013 09:11PM

The Vancouver Canucks continued on with their mini-trip through the Western Conference's Central Division Thursday night in Dallas. Here are the Cliffs Notes for the game: they gave up more goals than they scored, things didn't go nearly as well as you'd hoped they would, and ultimately they weren't able to overcome a slow start. 

An easy narrative would be that they were looking ahead to the looming tilt against the Blackhawks, but I don't buy that for a second really. They looked like a team who had a few defensive breakdowns, and one whose goaltender was not able to match the efforts of the guy on the other end of the ice.

Read on past the jump for a quick recap of Thursday night's loss in Big D.

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Canucks Army GDT #37 - Canucks @ Stars

Dimitri Filipovic
December 19 2013 12:49PM

Get excited! Andrew Alberts is coming to a lineup near you! [Image via Vancity Buzz]

The positives: Thursday night's game against the Dallas Stars can only be an upgrade in entertainment value from the last time we saw the Canucks, in their shootout loss to the Wild. Also, while the Stars are probably at least a smidgen better than their record would indicate, they're not the Chicago Blackhawks.. so you can breathe easy for another night. Plus Andrew Alberts looks very dapper in his Ugly Christmas Sweater.

The negatives: The news on recently injured defenseman Ryan Stanton isn't exactly great, and the reason a picture of Andrew Alberts is being used is because he's coming to a lineup near you! Also, Aaron Rome still isn't healthy enough to play for the Stars which I know will upset at least 1 person out there.

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A Conversation With the Voice of Hockey Night in Canada: Jim Hughson

Dimitri Filipovic
December 19 2013 09:45AM


This is a guest post by Liam Porter , who approached me recently after he had been fortunate enough to get to speak to the voice of Hockey Night in Canada, Jim Hughson, about a multitude of different topics. Their discussion ranged from how he got into broadcasting, to his most memorable calls, to what Hockey Night in Canada will look like under the new TV deal.

Most importantly for our purposes, though, he got to get the former Canucks play-by-play man's thoughts on where the team stands right now, and how he feels about analytical analysis when it comes to hockey. I think you guys will really enjoy this one. Read on for the transcript of the interview.

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