An early look at Mike Santorelli

Cam Charron
October 29 2013 09:57AM

During the second intermission of the Canucks and Capitals game, friend of the Army Dan Murphy asked his panellists a question pertaining to the sustainability of Mike Santorelli's play. After two seasons that saw Santorelli bounce between the injured reserve, the waiver-wire, and worst of all, the Winnipeg Jets, there weren't an awful lot of expectations for the local kid. Our pre-season mock rosters all had Santorelli maybe acting as insurance should one of the Canucks young kids not make the team.

It's now towards the end of October and Santorelli is a pleasing presence on the Canucks, one that makes the team more likeable than anything. When you extrapolate his production over 82 games, nothing screams all that out-of-the-ordinary. He's on pace for 23 goals and 53 points, which would be very good for a second-line centre, but it's not like he's on pace to be a point-a-game guy or an all-star or anything.

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Canucks Army Postgame: Sedinery Helps Validate "the Process"

Dimitri Filipovic
October 28 2013 11:48PM

The Sedinery was strong in this one.

In the preview I highlighted two reasons this could be an exciting affair; Alex Ovechkin's brilliant play, and the troubles the Washington Capitals have had in stopping opposing teams from doing what they've wanted to against them thus far. One of those came true, and considering that this is a Canucks blog, I'm sure that many of our readers will be happy with which one it was.

Read on past the jump for a recap of how the Vancouver Canucks were able to win their 4th straight game en route to improving their record on the season to an impressive 9-4-1. I'll give you a quick hint: it had to do with the picture above.

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The Week Straight Up: Oct 28 - Nov 3

Thomas Drance
October 28 2013 05:02PM


Obviously we at CanucksArmy are big supporters of sports betting, in part because we buy into the Nate Silver theory that putting your money where your prediction is will help improve the aggregate accuracy of forecasting. So this is a natural fit for us. That said, make sure to gamble for fun (or for bragging rights), not to make money. From all of us at CanucksArmy and PlayNow: a gentle reminder to use your game sense!

Read past the jump for special offers to readers from PlayNow Sports, and a preview of this upcoming week of Canucks hockey.

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Afternoon Headshots: October 28th, 2013

Dimitri Filipovic
October 28 2013 03:30PM

Image via @JacqSparrow

In the preview of tonight's game against the Washington Capitals (which will be taking place in the friendly confines of Rogers Arena for what seems like the first time in ages), I mentioned that this past weekend was a pretty slow one from a Canucks perspective with the team getting a few days off to recuperate from their trip.

But now we've got a new week on our hands, and there's a bunch of news and notes to discuss. I didn't think that any of it really warranted a full post for itself, so instead I decided that this would be a good opportunity to dust off the ol' Afternoon Headshots.

Just past the jump we'll take a look at some injury news, recognition for Ryan Kesler's play, and some other goodies.

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Canucks Army GDT #14 - Capitals @ Canucks

Dimitri Filipovic
October 28 2013 01:36PM

Alex Ovechkin is in town! Spread the word! Alex Ovechkin is in town! [Image via Jeff Vinnick]

It was a relatively quiet weekend on the Canucks front with John Tortorella and his coaching staff giving the team a few days off to rest up, get settled. Seems like a reasonable thing to do given that they were out of town for nearly 2 weeks. 

But now things are about to pick up, as they'll be kicking off a 3-game homestand in which they'll face 3 marquee opponents - the Capitals, the Red Wings, and the Maple Leafs. Some people around here - myself included - tend to complain about how the Canucks can be fairly boring at times. Well, that shouldn't be a problem over the next handful of days, thanks to the intrigue that their aforementioned opponents bring along with them.

Read on past the jump for a preview of the game which gets this fun little stretch started.

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