A Look At The Goals - Minute-By-Minute

Cam Davie
May 08 2012 12:59PM

Alex Edler scores a rocket at exactly 8:00 of the second period.
The second period was highly eventful for the Canucks this season, both good and bad.
(Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images)

It seems like there have been a lot of goals scored in the final minute, and even the final few seconds of games this post-season. Just last night, we saw the New York Rangers score with 7 seconds left in the third period to tie the game and send it to overtime.

That had me thinking about the Canucks and their season. When exactly did they score goals and when did they allow goals? Did they score a lot of goals in the last minute of a period? Or the first minute? How did they defend in the waning moments of each period?

Click past the jump to see a breakdown of all Canucks goals this past season, both scored and allowed.

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Alain Vigneault's playoff record

Cam Charron
May 08 2012 11:48AM

We've looked at this sort of thing before over here. The Vancouver Canucks' series record under Alain Vigneault, with a loss to the Los Angeles Kings, dipped to 6-5 this season. Overall, they're 33-31 in 64 playoff games since 2007. It's good, but it isn't really good enough to have won the Canucks the Stanley Cup.

The real problem people have with Vigneault is that the Canucks' regular season performance appears not to carry over to the post-season. Vancouver have gone 248-162 in five out of six years the Canucks have made the playoffs under Vigneault, and pro-rated to 64 games, that would make the Canucks 39-25 with the same win-loss record.

So where did those extra six wins go?

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Canucks Extend Mike Gillis

Kent Wilson
May 07 2012 04:53PM


Vancouver announced today they have re-signed GM Mike Gillis. It's a good move for the organization despite the team's disappointing finish to the season this year.

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There are good reasons to keep Alain Vigneault around

Cam Charron
May 07 2012 03:50PM

Forgive me for saying that the first story that caught my eye when I was perusing the National Post's sports section today was about the unsolved murder at this weekend's Kentucky Derby. I do like mystery, and frankly, there's more at stake about a body being discovered in a horse stable than the intrigue surrounding who will coach the Vancouver Canucks next season.

But Iain MacIntyre was the one who had that story, and he offers a pretty sober take on the situation. There are all kinds of summits and conversations that need to take place, but if Mike Gillis has his way, he'll have convinced ownership to let him hang onto his guy for next season.

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Nation Radio - May 5, 2012

May 06 2012 12:52PM

With winter finally loosing it's icy grip in Canda (well, except in Calgary apparently) and all the great white north teams out of the playoffs, thoughts are unviersally turning to the upcoming draft and free agency. Those topics plus the WHL playoffs and World Hockey Championships are explored today with Corey Graham, Scott Cullen, Jim Byers and others.

This is Nation Radio.

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