CA Prospect Profiles: #3 Nicklas Jensen

Patrick Johnston
August 29 2012 12:22PM

Being from a country with only 25 rinks, it’s pretty amazing that Jannik Hansen has had the success that he has had. For Nick Jensen to be a potential first-line superstar? That’s off-the-charts crazy. And yet, here we are.

Jensen, the son of a Canadian who played 16 seasons in the Danish league, burst onto the OHL scene two years ago. His high-octane scoring talent really shouldn’t have been a surprise, though. The season before arriving in Oshawa, Jensen played in the Danish senior league, scoring a two goals in his debut. At age 16. Against men. 

Yup, the kid’s always been able to score.

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The five worst, and best, contracts on the Canucks

Cam Charron
August 29 2012 08:11AM

We are both in this post! We made it!

According to all the information leaked about the NHL's proposal last night, the revised salary cap would be at about $58M. If there's room to negotiate, that number will eventually become higher, but the Canucks have the third highest amount of money committed, salary cap-wise, to players for the allegedy 2012-2013 hockey season, and will need to slash some of that to be able to play.

I thought it would be fun to look at Canuck contracts and locate the worst ones and the best ones. Which contracts, for instance, are the product of careful thinking by a strong management team that adheres to the principles laid out by Michael Lewis in Moneyball, and which were the reckless products of greed that helped inflate player salaries and nearly guaranteed that the season won't start at its scheduled time?

(Information grabbed from Behind The Net and Capgeek)

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Vancouver Canucks 2012-13 Annual: All the President's Men

Thomas Drance
August 29 2012 07:47AM

Can the Canucks go back-to-back-to-back? (And then get eliminated in the first round again?)

Partly because they play in such a thoroughly woeful division, the Canucks managed to repeat as President's Trophy winners last season. But their first round playoff exit, in five games at the hands of the eventual Stanley Cup Champions, marred the 2011-12 campaign as a "failure."

Being at the absolute top of the table is a testament to the quality and consistency of the roster, but regular season dominance simply isn't the goal for this club, or their management team.

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Don't get your hopes up

Graphic Comments
August 28 2012 06:28PM

Counter proposal

Today's CBA meetings in New York produced some short-lived optimism after it was reported that the NHL owners had presented a counter proposal to the NHL Players' Association.

Turns out it was just a misunderstanding. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman brought the wrong file to the meetings and accidentally presented Donald Fehr with the quotes for his kitchen reno. Or maybe it wasn't an accident, and Bettman just wanted to rub it in that he pulled in $8 million last year and is spending it on gold plated cabinet pulls...

Either way, it didn't make for very productive meetings.

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August 28 2012 01:18PM

While NHL fans do a slow burn and the league's player prepare for a season that may never come, the owners and Bettman appear to be enjoying another season of good times on Boardwalk, Park Place and Pennsylvania avenues. Allan Mitchell tackles the issues with some heavy hitters.

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