Offseason Transactions Deep Dive: The Jason Garrison Trade

Dimitri Filipovic
September 22 2014 12:07PM

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If it feels like it has been quite some time since the frenzy of moves the Vancouver Canucks made in that hectic stretch bridging the end of June and beginning of July, it's because it has been. With the summer now officially having been put in the rearview mirror as training camps are set to begin across the league, we're running a 5-part series reviewing what the Canucks did this summer, and what it means for them moving forward.

This deep dive was executed by the excellent MoneyPuck_ on Twitter, who has contributed content for us in the past.

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Shawn Matthias: Flying under the radar

J.D. Burke
September 22 2014 09:36AM

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Things have been awfully retrospective around these parts of late. From discerning Markus Naslund's credentials as a potential hall of fame inductee to revisiting the Ryan Kesler trade. It comes with the territory though; with it being mid-September, we're left to writhe our hands waiting for hockey to be played on our television sets once again.

But no matter how many times we've revisited some of the formative moves of this roster in the recent past, one guy is seemingly always overlooked -- that'd be Radim Vrbata Ryan Miller Linden Vey Derek Dorsett Nick Bonino Luca Sbisa Shawn Matthias!

This is a player that should be of considerable interest to Canucks fans considering the seismic gap down the middle that lies in wait on the depth chart once you get past 'Sedin, Henrik'. While Nick Bonino has promptly been pigeonholed for a spot there, and people are (justly) excited about the potential of a Linden Vey, Matthias has managed to fly under the radar this summer with everything else that has happened around him.

Not anymore.

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Training camp notes: 3 goalies on the roster, line combinations, the shootout

Dimitri Filipovic
September 20 2014 10:37AM

Wait, wait?

"That's basically for the preseason, you always have in your mind where guys might fit in. But it changes, how the chemistry works. That's what your preseason is for. So we'll get a look at guys in different situations and we'll get some real good combinations coming out of it."

That was Willie Desjardins during Thursday's media day, responding to a question about the process of forming satisfactory lineup combinations, and when it all starts to take shape. It's still early yet in said process, but that doesn't mean that there aren't a few talking points stemming from the team's first session of full practices in Whistler.

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The Vancouver Tim Hortons Ikea Canucks

The Stanchion
September 19 2014 09:41AM


"Mommy, who is Mr. GoodYear?"

This week word got out that Gary Bettman and the NHL turned down the idea of putting ads on NHL jerseys in order to create more revenue. This is good news, because it means we won't be confusing a corporate logo for a name bar anytime soon

The bad news is that some sports marketing experts scoffed at the idea that jersey ads are not in our inevitable, Skynet like future. In their world, Terminator 2 shows up to stop Judgement Day, except he's wearing a Nike jacket and holding a Louis Vuitton purse (let's assume he hides his gun in there). In case you want a stark reminder of what that future could look like, read past the jump (see what I did there?)

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Nation World HQ
September 19 2014 05:30AM


Training camps open, Taylor Hall just getting started, David Clarkson and his contract, TJ Brodie with a Norris in his future, Markus Naslund to the hall of fame and more in this week's Roundup.

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