It’s nice to be wrong

Jonathan Willis
December 04 2012 10:59PM

An NHL lockout is a cynical business, with two extremely rich parties fighting for a wicked pile of cash. The most recent edition has been particularly galling, with two sides seemingly able to agree on a myriad of issues but unwilling to bridge the small gap between them.

Given that, naturally I was cynical about the December 4 meeting between players and owners – without the presence of league commissioner Gary Bettman or NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr. I thought it likely to be an empty ploy without hope of succeeding. And to be clear: it hasn’t succeeded yet. But for the first time in quite a while, things are looking up.

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Meetings, Bloody Meetings, NHL Edition

Graphic Comments
December 04 2012 12:39PM

Meeting expectations

So here we are in December and all we're talking about are meetings. The owners are meeting with the players today. Tomorrow the owners will meet with each other. The players already met with each other just to decide whether to attend today's meeting. I presume they're meeting again just to decide who gets to go in to the meeting with the owners.

All meetings all the time. Well, I can tell you the one thing they aren't meeting is expectations.

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KHL: The last few days

Steve Dangle
December 04 2012 12:11PM


It's a lockout, but I've barely noticed.

Been very busy over the last few days with a bunch of things, so without further delay, here's a whollllle bunch of KHL games and action from the last few days. Alex Ovechkin's first KHL hat trick, Malkin gets 4 points, and some orgasmic goals. Yes. Orgasimic.


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Alex Mallet gets demoted

Patrick Johnston
December 04 2012 11:59AM

Alex Mallet needs to get back to driving to the net in Kalamazoo. (Photo: Chris Jerina/AHL in Photos)

Alex Mallet is off to Kalamazoo. The young Quebecer, a quintessential 'off-the-board' draft pick, was always going to be a project. Between the Wolves' lockout-bloated squad and the rawness of his skills, Mallet has struggled to get icetime and what little he's had, he's done little to stand out in a crowd.

But it's not like he's the first to have struggled to step up after gaining attention as a late-bloomer; Darren Archibald found the same challenges in his first professional season, just last year.

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Has future Canuck Tyler Bozak been mis-cast in Toronto?

Cam Charron
December 04 2012 09:10AM

I've been repeatedly hammering the point that if Tyler Bozak were to come to Vancouver as the major piece in exchange for Roberto Luongo, the Canucks lose on the deal. There was my own surprise over at The Leafs Nation that Bozak even carries trade value, and I very much agreed with Dimitri's post here over at Canucks Army last month.

But things like this keep popping up:

Vancouver has already flirted with the idea of acquiring a centre in a possible Roberto Luongo trade. One of them is Tyler Bozak, who Vancouver believes has been miscast in Toronto and, if acquired, could slot into the Canucks third-line centre hole, and do it nicely.

Jason Botchford, who has given Canucks Army writers the slogan "meticulous, number-crunching whizzes" continues to repeat that the Canucks have interest in Tyler Bozak. I can think of two reasons for this, a) the team is legitimately interested in Bozak, or b) it's the lockout, he's bored, and he's trolling us.

For the purposes of this post, let's assume it's a).

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