Juggling the Rebound: is Gillis Losing the Plot Between the Pipes?

Thomas Drance
May 24 2012 10:52AM

For a couple of years now, the Canucks have enjoyed the luxury of trotting out two blue-chip goalies in Cory Schneider and Roberto Luongo to guard their net. While it's widely assumed that Roberto Luongo will be traded over the course of this summer, and Coach Vigneault reiterated Luongo's desire to get a fresh start elsewhere just yesterday; late last week, General Manager Mike Gillis told the Team 1040's afternoon show that the Canucks would be very happy to deploy that same platoon again next season.

And why not? The Canucks were in the top-5 in terms of fewest goals allowed this past season, and Luongo and Schneider combined to stop .930% of all shots against at even-strength. While the team in front of them was occasionally listless, the two Canucks goaltenders were spectacular. By Gillis' own admission they carried the rest of the club through long stretches of the regular season, and were unquestionably the team's two most valuable players. 

That said, if Canucks training camp opens this fall and both Luongo and Schneider report for duty, it will represent a major failure of asset management on the part of the organization. 

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Getting Younger, Bigger, and Stronger (Part I)

Jeff Angus
May 24 2012 09:36AM

Should Gillis target Leafs winger Nikolai Kulemin this summer?

When Brian Burke came to Toronto in late 2008, he promised a philosophical shift to bring in “proper levels of pugnacity, testosterone, truculence and belligerence.” The results have been mixed, but Burke has made it a priority to add those things to Toronto’s roster (Phil Kessel notwithstanding). The jury is still out whether or not that you need those elements to ice a winning team (the flavor of the month Los Angeles Kings definitely fit the bill), but at the very least Burke introduced truculence to our vocabularies.

At his recent season-ending press conference, Mike Gillis outlined his general plan for the future.

“I think we need to get younger, [and] I think we need to get bigger and stronger.”

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When chance is your best chance

Graphic Comments
May 23 2012 02:25PM

Skill vs. chance

Tyler Dellow has an excellent post over on his blog at mc79hockey.com wherein he compares hockey to soccer and decries the defense first style that gets so much media attention in today's NHL. At least the playoff edition.

But while I agree that it would be nice to have teams play a more entertaining brand of hockey, I just don't think it's realistic.

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Oft Embattled Head Coach Extended

Thomas Drance
May 23 2012 01:01PM

The Lozenge Laughs Last

Alain Vigneault's offseason has been interesting thus far, to say the least. Criticized for months by a vocal segment of the Vancouver sports media, many expected Alain Vigneault to lose his job following the Canucks first round flame out at the hands of the Western Conference Championship Kings in April. The speculation reached a fever pitch when Vigneault didn't appear at Mike Gillis' season ending press conference (as he customarily does), and then left town without facing the music from the press. 

While Vigneault spent the past month playing poker in an undisclosed location with Dick Cheney, however, it became increasingly apparent that General Manager Mike Gillis - who inherited Alain Vigneault when he was given the keys to the club in the Spring of 2008 - was committed to sticking with his innovative, spread-sheet loving head-coach.

Today, after a long delay and much speculation, the Canucks have made it official: Alain Vigneault has been given a contract extension and will be back behind the bench next season. Here's the official Press Release from Canucks.nhl.com.

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Jason Gregor
May 21 2012 10:49PM

Scouting isn't an exact science. Every scout has stories of a player they loved who never panned out, or a guy they weren't high on who played 10 years in the Show. There are rare exceptions, Sidney Crosby, where every scout ranks him #1 and labels him "can't miss."

Those players are very, very rare, and no player in the 2012 is a lock to be the next Crosby, but this draft class has a lot of very good to great players, and as usual not everyone has them ranked in the same spot.

I caught up with Mark Edwards from hockeyprospect.com and got his thoughts on a bunch of players, but we focused mainly on centres and D-men.

Hockeyprospect won't release their final rankings and complete draft guide until June, but Edwards chatted about who they liked, and why they recently ranked Alex Galchenyuk #1.

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