Canucks Army draft prospect profile #4 - Aaron Ekblad

Cam Charron
June 23 2014 04:15PM

The crop of defencemen taken in the first five picks of the draft since 2005 include Jack and Erik Johnson, Thomas Hickey, Karl Alzner, Drew Doughty, Zach Bogosian, Alex Pietrangelo, Luke Schenn, Victor Hedman, Erik Gudbranson and Adam Larsson, and what makes Aaron Ekblad such a controversial choice to be selected high in the draft is that so few of those players have developed into top pairing defencemen, while many forwards taken over the same span are stars on their respective teams.

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Canucks officially introduce their Willie (Desjardins) to the media, fans

Dimitri Filipovic
June 23 2014 02:55PM

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 12.30.49 PM

With the reports trickling out about a deal that had been struck between the Vancouver Canucks and coaching candidate Willie Desjardins prior to the weekend, we had a few days to prepare for the press conference that was held Monday afternoon by the team to introduce their newest bench boss. 

Though reality, we probably didn't need the preemptive headstart; considering what has transpired with the franchise in this last calendar year, we've all come to know the drill all too well by now. It hasn't even been long enough for this particular image to have left people's minds. 

The trio of relative newcomers - Linden, Benning, and Desjardins - sat in front of a flock of media types, and answered a set of questions that varied on a scale of softball filler-to-insightful discussion. There were a few interesting talking points that were brought up, and we'll pivot off of those just past the jump. If you feel so inclined, you can watch the presser for yourself right here.

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Journal of Hockey Analytics: Volume I Issue 7

Josh W
June 23 2014 12:36PM


Credit to Reddit's /r/hockey

With hockey being officially over and the World Cup in full effect it seems there has been much less interest this week in hockey analytics research. The past 7 days have many provided us with fewer articles than we've had in the past, but there's still some interesting little nuggets to pass along.

Read on past the jump for a look at the most worthwhile things I could scrounge up, you fellow nerds. If you'd like to make sure that something you've either written or stumbled upon gets included in future editions, feel free to send them my way.

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Canucks Army draft prospect profile #5 - Leon Draisaitl

Cam Charron
June 23 2014 09:46AM

Over the weekend, our dear friend(s?) from Extra Skater added in some CHL fancystats. While I like stats as much as anybody, I'm still a little iffy on whether we can trust some of the time on ice and quality of competition estimates given by those numbers, so I'm not going to spend too much time worrying about them as they pertain to individual players.

What the page allows you to do however, which is terrific, terrific news for prospophiles, is to sort players across all CHL leagues by age. There are miles of difference between a player who is near the top of the OHL in scoring at 17 and one at the top of the OHL in scoring at 20, and the difference is not clear when looking at the statistics from the league's website.

Anyway, go to the page and sort 17-year-olds by points. There will be a tie for first through the CHL: Sam Reinhart of the Kootenay Ice, and Leon Draisaitl of the Prince Albert Raiders.

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Update: schedule for 2014-15 season released

Dimitri Filipovic
June 22 2014 02:19PM


There's a bit of housekeeping news to discuss today, with the schedule for the 2014-15 NHL season having been released. While we have no idea who the lineup will consist of for the Vancouver Canucks when they open the season on October 8th, exactly, at least we know their opponent: the Calgary Flames. 

There's still a long, long time to go until on-ice hockey is back on our television sets and in our daily lives - 108 days, for those scoring at home - but if you're even remotely as much of a fiend for it as I am, you miss it already. Which means that it's harmless to look ahead based on what we do know.

Some news and notes after the jump.

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