Canucks Army GDT #27 - Canucks @ Maple Leafs

J.D. Burke
December 06 2014 03:04PM


Randy Carlyle caught game-planning for the Canucks

The Canucks look to build on their road success this afternoon against the middling Toronto Maple Leafs, in a matinee match-up underneath the bright Saturday light of Hockey Night in Canada. It will be the first of three straight games against Eastern Canadian teams on the road. If the Canucks can win tonight's contest, it will guarantee they leave this road trip having secured at least eight of a possible fourteen points.

That's what I'd call road success. Maybe I'm getting a little bit ahead of myself, though. There's still some game to be played here, right? Well, lets see how they stack up on the other end of the jump.

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Nation World HQ
December 06 2014 09:55AM


Another week is in the books, and that means its time for another edition of the Pacific War Room. What is that? Each week, the Royal Half rounds up a summary of the week that was from the best and brightest bloggers from around the Pacific Division. Enjoy.

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Has Ryan Stanton Been Vancouver's Worst Player?

J.D. Burke
December 05 2014 03:00PM

In his first season with the Vancouver Canucks, Ryan Stanton could be counted on for a predictably uneventful 15-minutes of ice time per game, and leave in the black for possession more often than not. It was the breakout campaign needed to launch Stanton from stud AHL defenceman to NHL regular.

I can count the Canucks who thrived under John Tortorella on one hand and Stanton is among them. Nothing was asked of Stanton offensively and even less was delivered. No qualms were to be had with this, as Stanton's value was always measured in the offense kept from his net. All substance, no flash. 

It's been a precipitous fall from third-pairing grace since then and many are left wondering why. Injuries might be a likely suspect, if not for the fact that Stanton's return from his most recent ailment was delayed due to his desire to not rush it. Had he been more hasty in his return, there might be some validity to this.

So if injuries aren't to blame, then what has gone wrong for Stanton and what can we reasonably expect going forward? Well, you know the drill...

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Comets Militia: Down on the Farm – December 5th, 2014

Josh W
December 05 2014 10:00AM


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Welcome back to this weeks’ edition of the Comets Militia Report, where we take a look at all the activities down on the farm.  Despite a successful week, things are not looking too good for the Comets in the short term. Their defence corps has been absolutely obliterated with key players such as Bobby Sanguinetti, Henrik Tommernes, Peter Andersson, Frank Corrado, Kent Huskins, and Travis Ehrhardt all having experienced injuries or a call ups to the NHL. 

You know your team is in trouble when you have Kane Lafranchise, John Negrin and Jeremie Blain all in your top-4.  Combined with a (seemingly) dried up offense and an injured Jacob Markstrom, things aren’t the most positive for the Comets right now.  Of course when you're starting the season looking like an elite team, any imperfection can be viewed as a big step back.

Continue past the jump to read more how the last week has gone.

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
December 05 2014 07:30AM

Screen shot 2014-12-02 at 6.10.59 PM

Canucks luck, Tyler Bozak, Jake Gardiner, Oiler fans, Darryl Katz, Flames scoring chances, a new comic and more in this week's Roundup.

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