The Cloutier Hire Reax

Thomas Drance
September 27 2012 01:25PM

Petbugs on why Cloutier is a fine choice as the Canucks' newest goaltending consultant.

On Tuesday morning, the @News1130Sports Twitter feed dropped a little nugget of Canucks related information that set off a wave of cursing, recriminations and beach ball jokes among Canucks fans:

Granted, Dan Cloutier was a below average goaltender in his career and for the Canucks, but he's far from the worst starting goaltender the team has ever employed. You wouldn't know that, however, from his reputation. From the epic Lidstrom flub, to that blown series and game 7 lead against the Minnesota Wild in the playoffs that one time; there are too many tough moments that overshadow Cloutier's string of 30 win seasons playing behind one of the most entertaining and offensively gifted clubs in team history. It's not fair, but that's life for a professional hockey goalie.

Read on past the jump for media reactions to the Cloutier hire.

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Jason Garrison’s Rise from Obscurity

Jeff Angus
September 27 2012 10:39AM


It isn’t often that a forward playing Junior B hockey at the age of 17 develops into a top four NHL defenseman. Don’t tell that to Jason Garrison, though. Most hockey fans had little idea who he was before the 2011-12 season, unless they were a fan of the Florida Panthers or happened to stumble upon James Mirtle’s 2011 column on the top defensive defensemen around the league.

Scoring 16 goals in 2011-12 changed all of that. Garrison was one of the most sought after UFAs this past summer. He rose from relative obscurity to sign a six-year deal worth $4.6 million per season in a little over two years. How, exactly, did he do it?

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Headshots September 26th

Patrick Johnston
September 26 2012 04:43PM

Headshots are a Canucks Army feature where we link to the day's freshest news, and other assorted Canucks web-goodies. If you've written a blogpost, produced a tribute video, birthed a clever .gif into existence, or have a hockey related cause you'd like to see promoted in this space - please e-mail Thom at

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The Sedin Twins, Naslund and the SEL Hornet's Nest

Thomas Drance
September 26 2012 12:27PM

Alex Steen made his controversial debut for Modo on Tuesday evening.

Today the Sedin twins turn 32 (and a happy birthday to them both). Their purpose on this Earth is to deliver sweet tape-to-tape backhand saucer passes to each other, and Canucks fans have been very fortunate to get to watch and enjoy their careers over the past decade. 

There has been a lot of speculation about where the Sedin twins might end up playing in the event that the NHL lockout goes for a full season. It's possible that their reluctance to commit to playing in Sweden's top-tier professional hockey league is connected to the fact that the NHL Lockout has exported its internecine strife abroad to the Scandinavian peninsula (and to the KHL as well, for that matter).

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Wherein Cory Schneider notes the rarity of Offer Sheets and criticizes owners over collusion

Patrick Johnston
September 26 2012 08:26AM

Canucks Superskills - Cory Schneider
An offer sheet for you and you and... (photo: kurichan+ / flickr cc)

Offer sheets are nothing new to the game, but why don't we see them used more regularly by the league's General Mangers? It's something Cory Schneider brought up during a post-practice scrum on Monday. Asked to comment on Red Wings executive Jim Devellano's comparison of players to cattle and owners to ranchers, Schneider was more interested in talking about Devellano's comments that managers operated under an unspoken rule - or a gentleman's agreement - that they wouldn't target each other's restricted free agents.

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