Canucks take Nikita Tryamkin in the 3rd Round, Gustav Forsling in the 5th

Dimitri Filipovic
June 28 2014 10:46AM

Tryamkin is a big boy (man?), to say the least.

We're at that point of the draft where the selections are being announced in a fast and furious manner, and a large majority of the names don't totally ring a bell. All we can really do is scrounge together as much information on the guys of interest from people that follow these sorts of things year round and not for just a few weeks in June.

We'll do just that after the jump, with some news and notes on Nikita Tryamkin and Gustav Forsling, the two newest members of the Vancouver Canucks organization.

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No Vey! With 50th Pick Canucks Acquire Linden Vey From LA

Rhys Jessop
June 28 2014 09:00AM


With basically the worst case scenario unfolding with the 36th overall pick and a desire to play a more "meat-and-potatoes" game, we were preparing for the worst. Instead, we at the Army were pleasantly surprised to see that the Canucks opted to trade the 50th overall pick to the Los Angeles Kings in exchange for 22-year old Linden Vey.

And yes, a former Medicine Hat Tiger named Linden just swung a deal for a former Medicine Hat Tiger named Linden. Read past the jump.

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Canucks Draft Thatcher Demko 36th overall

Dimitri Filipovic
June 28 2014 08:47AM


I think it's safe to say that on this platform we've been fairly critical of the way the Vancouver Canucks have conducted their drafts; both in the past, and as recently as last night's opening round. It's always tough to tell how much responsibility the general manager takes in relation to the rest of his scouting department, but there was a sense of optimism around these parts that Jim Benning's relatively impressive draft record back when he ran the show in Buffalo would come in handy. Really, it couldn't get any worse than it was during the Mike Gillis regime. 

Three picks in, it appears that the optimism was misguided; a whole lot of those very same problems that have plagued them over the years are rearing their ugly head all over again. After playing it safe with picks number 6 and 24, the Canucks watched uber talented faller Ivan Barbashev get taken just three picks before they settled for a goalie. A goalie, from Boston College, playing for the Vancouver Canucks. This ought to end well!

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Canucks take Jared McCann at 24

Cam Charron
June 27 2014 07:59PM

Not that I have a problem with Jake Virtanen or Jared McCann as hockey players, but it does bug me that the team has essentially become a public relations firm, eschewing more talented players on the board in favour of more marketable Canadian guys to try and mend the fences broken by Mike Gillis.

That was a long way to say "with the 24th pick, the Vancouver Canucks select Jared McCann".

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Canucks Draft Jake Virtanen 6th Overall

Rhys Jessop
June 27 2014 06:08PM


With the 6th overall selection, the Vancouver Canucks have selected Abbotsford native Jake Virtanen. Read past the jump for some quick thoughts and analysis.

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