Canucks Army Midterm Prospect Rankings: #3 Hunter Shinkaruk

Josh W
February 15 2015 11:00AM


Courtesy: The Province

Here at Canucks Army, we love three things more than anything in the world: prospects, prospect rankings, and whining about prospect rankings.  Every summer we vote on and rank the top-20 Canucks prospects to take stock of what's in the system, and every summer we hear vocal complaints from our readers they disagree with our rankings.

So this year, in our mid-term ranking, we gave you the chance to vote on prospects and have a say on these players.  Since our summer rankings, we've simplified the definition of "prospect" to any player in the Vancouver Canucks' system that is eligible for the Calder Trophy if they were to play in the NHL this year.  This means that players like Linden Vey and Joacim Eriksson who were not rated over the summer will be covered in this series.

Without further ado, here is the 3rd rated Canucks Prospect

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Canucks Army Postgame: Can't Douse the Flames

J.D. Burke
February 14 2015 11:40PM

When one considers the short and long term history between tonight's combatants, it seems like a "letdown game" would be the least of Vancouver Canucks fans worries. By that same token, the Canucks are fresh off a week which saw them face their dreaded playoff rivals from Boston and Chicago, in successive contests - both games Vancouver won. The last of those two games was played just 24-hours prior to tonight's contest. The setting was ripe for an emotional letdown game from the visiting Canucks.

With the malaise in Vancouver's game, as they dragged their feet through the opening moments of the first, it was very much so a self-fulfilling prophecy. The Canucks eventually found their legs, and mustered enough offensively to keep this game close and entertaining right until about the third and final frame. With their hard work and third period opportunism, the Canucks didn't do enough to bury the Flames. They mounted an early offensive push, highlighted by a Lance Bouma goal, which sealed the Canucks fate. The final score was 3-2.

Lets break this all down on the other side of the jump.

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Canucks Army GDT #55: Canucks @ Flames

Rhys Jessop
February 14 2015 01:45PM

After an entertaining 5-2 win over the Boston Bruins just last night at Rogers Arena, the Canucks hit the road and look to avoid any talk of a "letdown" game against the Calgary Flames. Despite the Flames awful 5-on-5 play this season, it won't be easy as the team is essentially playing a road back-to-back, and Ryan Miller is getting his second start in two days.

The Flames are also desperately trying to cling to a hard-earned playoff spot, so they'll be more than motivated to put forth their best effort on Hockey Day in Canada. Read past the jump for a preview.

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Why Zack Kassian is a Playmaker: Video Analysis

Josh W
February 14 2015 12:00PM

We have darkened many digital pixels at our small corner of the Smylosphere arguing over why young Zack Kassian is a valuable player and why he is more of a playmaker than the power forward that the Canucks seem to desperately want him to be.  We know that no matter how much research we do we know it won't influence management, which is fine, that's not the goal. We actually this for the love of getting yelled at by commenters. 

So today I decided to do something irrational, something crazy and unexpected.  I decided to revisit the "Zack Kassian isn't a power forward" argument by watching game video.

Click past the jump to see why Zack Kassian is a playmaking forward.

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In conversation with Canucks prospect Jake Virtanen

Ryan Pike
February 14 2015 10:00AM

This week the Nation Network's Ryan Pike had the opportunity to chat with top Canucks prospect Jake Virtanen about recovering from his shoulder injury, his experiences at the World Junior Tournament, and his name popping up in trade rumours.

Click past the jump to read the interview.

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