Canucks Army Postgame: Canucks beat Leafs in chippy, 4-0 affair on Bure night

Cam Charron
November 02 2013 09:20PM


More than the victory, what should really matter for the Vancouver Canucks is that they were able to get out of Saturday afternoon's chippy affair with the Maple Leafs in good health. After taking an early 1-0 lead, the game turned bleak, with Phil Kessel fighting Alex Burrows, Colton Orr and Frazer McLaren's presences looming large, and perhaps a Leafs team looking to send a message after an unfortunate collision between Zack Kassian and David Bolland left Bolland en route to surgery on his leg in Vancouver tonight.

For an early season non-conference game, it was a very violent game, and you could tell that the result meant more to the players in the game than the value of the two points up for grabs. There are going to be theories as to why, but both the Leafs and Canucks play aggressive styles that happened to clash tonight. Because the game was pretty one-sided even before the score was one-sided, tempers flared over.

Vancouver won 4-0.

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Canucks Army GDT #16 - Maple Leafs @ Canucks

Cam Charron
November 02 2013 02:02PM

In keeping with tradition, the Vancouver Canucks and Toronto Maple Leafs will start at 4:00 p.m. local time to necessitate the CBC's mandate of having a pre-game ceremony before puck drop of the national game. For once, it will be non-Leafs related, and the Canucks will get to play a highlight reel of Pavel Bure's Hall of Fame career in front of a national audience in prime time. That's good, yes? Bure's number retirement is probably long overdue, and owing to him being enshrined in the Hockey Hall of Fame makes him the first of the Canucks numbers retirees with that honour

And then they will play a hockey game, and why bother? The Toronto Maple Leafs are an unstoppable juggernaut. They are the Lernaean Hydra of sports. Dominate a period of play against them, and they'll get out of it with red-hot goaltending, and catch a lucky break at the end of the period and take a lead. They cannot be killed, and the more you outplay them, the stronger they get.

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Pavel Bure's Rafter Night in Canada

Patrick Johnston
November 02 2013 12:28PM

Gerry Kahrman/The Province

Call me nostalgic. 

Pavel Bure is the best hockey player I've ever seen. The Sedins are close, but that should tell you just how good Pavel Bure was.

He's the star of my youth. 

But there's no denying that there's complexity to how we should understand Pavel Bure.

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The Canucks Week in Quips for Nov 1st

November 01 2013 04:19PM

This is Zack Kassian's real hair. Disturbing player.

This is a regular Friday feature combining a healthy mixture of observation, analysis, and foresight on the Vancouver Canucks. If you'd like to get at me about anything covered in this column, follow me on Twitter at @yyjordan and let's start a textual relationship (wink).

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Four more years: Twins re-upped for $7M per

Cam Charron
November 01 2013 01:10PM

Image via @VanCanucks

After weeks of speculation, on Friday morning the Vancouver Canucks locked up Daniel and Henrik Sedin to twin four-year contracts. The pair were scheduled to become unrestricted free agents in July, but the latest deal will keep the Canucks' top two scorers in franchise history through their 37-year-old seasons.

Terms of the deal were came out almost immediately after the deal itself. The twins will again make identical dollar amounts: $28-million over the four years for a $7-million average annual salary cap hit. While the contracts aren't of the length that make you think this is the last NHL contract the two will ever sign, it will probably be a cap-friendly deal, owing to the fact it's relatively short compared to other UFA deals for high-priced talent, and the salary cap is expected to increase.

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