Doan's Camp Likely to "Get Aggressive" Next Week, Canucks on the Shortlist

Thomas Drance
July 26 2012 01:44PM

Shane Doan has been extraordinarily patient with the money-losing Phoenix Coyotes, a club without an owner that he's captained for the past decade. According to Doan's agent Terry Bross, his client may decide to pursue other opportunities with a greater degree of seriousness beginning tomorrow if a new ownership group isn't in place. To quote Bross, who appeared with on David Pratt's CKNW show "Sports Talk" on Wednesday night in the 9 PM PST slot, Doan has, "been told [the ownership situation] should be resolved by Friday, if it's not then the writing could be on the wall."

The Canucks are one of the many teams interested in acquiring the rugged, 36 year old "power-forward", which, we've known for a while. According to Bross they're also among a smaller group of clubs who would qualify for Doan's "short-list." 

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Delivering the Sauce - Alex Edler's Next Contract

Jeff Angus
July 26 2012 09:51AM

With the Shea Weber-to-Vancouver pipedream on hold for a year dead, the Canucks (and their fans) now have to shift their attention back in house. Alex Edler, the club’s best defenseman, has one year left on his current contract (a four-year deal he signed back in 2010). The Canucks can extend his contract at any point this summer or throughout the 2012-13 season, but the same correlation of forces that incentivized Weber to "utilize" the current CBA and sign a lifetime extension before it expires in September, are at play.

Edler is slated to become an unrestricted free agent next summer, and should he hit the open market, the demand would be extraordinary. That said, he has some incentive to extend his deal at some point in the next seven weeks...

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In their Infinite Weise-dom, Canucks Again Avoid Arbitration

Thomas Drance
July 25 2012 12:43PM


During Mike Gillis' tenure as General Manager of the Canucks, we've seen the team narrowly avoid arbitration on a nearly annual basis. The team has skipped going through the arbitration process Mason Raymond twice, they settled on a three year deal with Jannik Hansen on the eve of his hearing last summer, and cowed Shane O'Brien into accepting his qualifying offer in the summer of 2010. With the exception of Kyle Wellwood, Mike Gillis and company have never allowed an arbitrator to set the price-point for any of the club's contracts, a trend which will continue as the Canucks and fourth line winger Dale Weise have reportedly settled on a one year deal.

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Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer

Cam Davie
July 25 2012 09:57AM

I really love being a Hockey Dad. Since I didn’t play hockey as a kid, I relish the experiences of life at the rink as I watch my oldest daughter plays her favourite sport (and mine). There are some crazy hours and early mornings and there can be a lot of driving, but it’s all worth it. I don't suppose that makes me different at all from any of the other hockey parents. We all love watching our kids play and are proud to help them do so.

What does make me have a different perspective on watching my kid play hockey is that my 10-year-old hockey playing daughter is a cancer survivor, who lost her kidney to cancer surgery one week after her fifth birthday.

Luckily for us, our daughter fought back and conquered her cancer. Now, our family does what we can to raise money to help the fight against cancer. So when I first learned about Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer, a dawn-to-dusk fundraising event centred on a massive road hockey game, I jumped at the chance to volunteer and fundraise.

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On Injuries, Luck, Keith Ballard and Willie Mitchell

Thomas Drance
July 24 2012 11:24AM

Who wasn't happy to see Willie Mitchell hoist the mug this past June?

In professional hockey, an extremely physical sport played by quasi-armored players who use literal blades for locomotion, injuries are an everyday challenge at any level.

With the exception of the Minnesota Wild, hockey folks (players, coaches, executives and fans) are usually reluctant to use injuries as an excuse for a team's success or failure, but needless to say, an untimely injury can sink a team's fortunes. In the case of the Los Angeles Kings, the reverse is also true, and a team can accrue an extraordinary competitive advantage if they're able to defy the odds and stay healthy.

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