Top 10 Moments of 2011-12: Max Lapierre, Coyote Hunter

Jeff Angus
August 09 2012 10:44AM

On the whole, 2011-12 wasn't a memorable season for Canucks fans - especially after the club's dominant 2010-11 campaign. But beneath the surface there were many fun moments if you stopped to smell the roses.

Over the next few weeks, I'll be looking at ten of them, and counting them down (in order).

For the first installment, I am going to take a look at a goal that personifies many things about this Canucks team. Read on to find out more about Lapierre's evening as a Coyote Hunter.

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CA Prospect Profiles: #18 Jeremy Price

Jeff Angus
August 08 2012 11:07AM

Colgate Raiders defenseman Jeremy Price has managed to fly under the radar in Vancouver, which is pretty impressive considering how much media attention anything or anyone related to the Canucks typically generates.

The 21-year-old defenseman (and 2009 4th round selection of the Canucks) has spent the last three seasons at Colgate University, and is returning this fall for his senior season. During his time with the Raiders, Price has recorded 56 points in 113 games.

He was profiled on Canucks Army back in January of this year. Price is far from a goal scorer, but he skates well and moves the puck effectively, something reflected in his assist totals (especially over the past two seasons).

Price has established himself as a prospect with NHL upside. Will he continue to blossom into a solid two-way defenseman in his final year of college hockey? How far away is he from seeing NHL action? Read past the jump to find out.

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Does Huet Even Make Sense in Vancouver?

Thomas Drance
August 08 2012 09:43AM

Early Tuesday morning, Kevin Woodley of InGoal magazine tweeted out a link to this article from French sports media site L'Equipe.

The article in question quoted ex-Chicago Blackhawk and Rollie Melansons pupil Cristobal Huet as saying he's been in contact with the Canucks (as well as the Los Angeles Kings) regarding an NHL job this summer. If my French isn't too rusty the exact quote is "je fais partie de la liste" (pretty straight forward translation: "I'm on their list") would suggest a level of consideration beyond the two sides simply keeping in touch.

Even before Huet's comments were contradicted by his agent, it was clear that these comments needed to be taken with a whole bag of salt. After all, Huet is tooting his own horn here and it's not like he's a disinterested party.

Put another way, I'm not going to read very much into the possibility that Huet could return to the NHL until the "veteran backup whisperer" (AKA the Province's Ben Kuzma) writes that the Canucks should consider Huet as a backup. Kuzma, you may remember wrote something similar to that about Al Montoya the day before Montoya signed with the Jets (and you wonder why prospective NHL backups e-mail the Kuz lobbying for a job). But there's nothing else to write about this week, so let's look into whether Huet makes any sense as Schneider's backup next season. Spoiler alert: not really.

More after the jump.

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What Mike Gillis did on summer vacation

Graphic Comments
August 07 2012 06:30PM

Sweet FA

So, after a couple of weeks away, I see I haven't missed much in Canuckistan. It appears that Mike Gillis' offseason activities have basically amounted to Sweet F.A. And by that, I don't mean signing Jason Garrison.

That being said, I've been preaching patience for weeks now, and the way CBA talks are going, I'm not sure Gillis has any reason to make any rash moves, other than to give me something new to doodle about. C'mon, Mike, it wouldn't hurt to throow me a Doan, every once in awhile. Er, I meant bone.

But since we're on the topic of Shane Doan...

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CA Prospect Profiles: #19 Darren Archibald

Patrick Johnston
August 07 2012 12:14PM

Darren Archibald has always been a "late bloomer." While he had significant success in his Major Junior career, that career didn't even begin until he was 18. The young power-forward went undrafted several times, and was only signed by the Canucks as a 20 year old after his NHL draft eligibility had expired. 

Until this past summer, undrafted free agents were a staple of Mike Gillis' tenure as Canucks General Manager. Prominent examples include Chris Tanev and Eddie Lack, as Mike Gillis aggressively pursued "late bloomers" of Archibald's ilk in an effort to jump-start a rebuild of the Canucks farm system and offset the loss of the mid-round picks that Gillis routinely moves at the trade deadline.

After several shining successes with undrafted free agents, Mike Gillis' luck ran out somewhat this past season. In 2011 he signed two more long-shots in Sebastian Erixon (who was unhappy in Chicago, was traded, and will return to Sweden for next season) and Darren Archibald, who spent nearly all of last season in the ECHL.

Generally speaking, spending a year in the ECHL is a bad sign. The league doesn't even have an NHLE number since, Alex Burrows aside, so few players ever actually make the transition. To get signed to a professional contract by an NHL club in the first place, Darren Archibald had to overcome long odds. Can he do it again and make the show? Click past the jump for more.

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