February 02 2015 03:40PM

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The following is a look at the machinations and plots behind the scenes at the Nation Network. If you don't care/don't want to know please click here to read a riveting piece about the Oilers overcoming an early season insistence on using the swarm defense. You have been warned.

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Canucks Player Power Rankings - Feb 2nd, 2015

Grainne Downey
February 02 2015 03:00PM

Welcome to the first edition of the Canucks Army Player Power Rankings, where the most important stats are song choice and Kevin Bieksa's trust. 

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Canucks Deep Dive: January 2015

money puck
February 02 2015 01:00PM

The Canucks exited January with a 6-6 record, making it the second month in a row where they've barely managed to earn an average of one point per game played. The entered February in 7th place in the west, down from 5th at the end of December, with teams like the Kings, Flames, and Stars getting closer in their rear view mirror. After the exciting mirage that was the first two months of the season, the team is exposing themselves to be exactly what most pundits expected - a team that will have to claw their way into a wild card spot. 

Find out more about the month that was after the jump.

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Nation Network Power Rankings: St. Louis is No. 2, Maple Leafs slide to 26

Thomas Drance
February 02 2015 10:38AM

Photo Credit: Tim Alamenciak/Wikimedia Commons

They've been called "the Glenn Healy" of NHL Power Rankings, they've been furiously annotated and derided as useless. And now they're here. Available across the Nation Network: it's NHL Power Rankings!

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Curtis Valk Injured; Out for the Season

Josh W
February 02 2015 09:00AM

A week ago we reported, thanks to the insight from our Kalamazoo Wings Insiderrr @Sarah_Hobday, that Curtis Valk suffered the brunt end of a knee on knee collision in a game.  He did not return to the game after that and was seen leaving the arena on crutches.

Sarah has since informed us that Curtis Valk has been officially placed on the ECHL Injured Reserve List and in addition the K-Wings Coach and Play-by-Play guy mentioned multiple times over the weekend that Valk will be receiving surgery soon and is finished for the season.

Continue past the jump as we look at what this means for the Canucks, and for a young player who impressed so much at Vancouver's rookie camp.

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