Best of the Nation - 10.28.12

Jonathan Willis
October 28 2012 10:54AM

After the jump: a look at the best prospects for the 2013 Draft, discussing trade rumours, the lockout and solutions to it, following injuries around the league, and much more.

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Wolves Take Wild One, Get Back in Win Column

Dimitri Filipovic
October 27 2012 08:53PM

Eddie Lack debuted his spiffy new gear tonight.

The Wolves came into this tilt against San Antonio with a two-game losing streak, which was a cause for no concern because of the manner in which they had lost both games. They had completely fallen apart in the final period, collectively imploding. Coming into this one the Rampage weren't exactly lighting the world on fire, either, holding a 2-2-1 record (good for last place in a stacked South division). In hindsight, we should have expected them to struggle without the calming presence of Tim Duncan.

This was a wild game, which featured a flurry of goals from both teams. The Wolves blew a three goal lead in the third period, but a late goal from Jordan Schroeder - which made it 6-5 - allowed them to hang onto a much needed 2 points, getting back in the win column.

Read Past the Jump for Notes on the Game.

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Nail Yakupov's pair of goals (including a dandy) and the KHL's Top 10 goals, saves, and hits of the week

Steve Dangle
October 27 2012 05:59PM


Warning: These highlights may gets you pregnant. If you're an Oilers fan? Twins. And you'll name them both Nail. That's how good this kid is. Seriously.


We also have the KHL's Top 10 goals, saves, and hits of the week! Wait - there's two others games, too?!?! Shut the front door!


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The SYAE Podcast: With J.Bowman

Dimitri Filipovic
October 27 2012 01:29PM

This jersey may or not belong to my guest today.

This time around, I'm joined by J.Bowman - which had to happen, after his recent appearance on the Fake SportsCentre - as we discuss some of our insights from the Wolves' visit to Abbotsford this past weekend, the lockout, and whether or not the Stanley Cup champion will have an asterisk by their name due to the shortened season.

We also go on an elongated tangent about the "rules" of wearing player jerseys, and just how much we miss the Vancouver Grizzlies. And there's lot more, but I'm not willing to divulge everything in this tease.

Click Past the Jump for the Podcast.

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Canucks Points Projections: Blue Line

Robert Vollman
October 27 2012 11:07AM

Every year we project how many points each of the players will score using a couple of different statistical methods, and why should a potential lockout season be any different?

If you're just tuning in, we explained our methodology in more detail in our first piece, which covered the top-six forwards.  This time we'll cover the defensemen and then close up in a third and final piece that features the remaining, secondary forwards.

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