September 17 2014 01:28PM

Last week we designed a survey to get a better understanding of what works on the Nation Network and what doesn't. The answers that came back were all across the spectrum - some provided great insight, others provided a good laugh, others made us want to rethink our chosen profession. 

We sat down at Nation HQ this morning with a fresh glass of thinking Rye and read everyone's responses - over 1100 in total! - from bow to stern. A big thank you goes out to everyone who took the time to answer this thing. Surveys are SO annoying - we appreciate you taking time out of your life to provide us with key information to drive our redevelopment. 

Our summary findings can be found after the jump.

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Offseason Transactions Deep Dive: The Ryan Kesler Trade

Dimitri Filipovic
September 17 2014 11:10AM

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If it feels like it has been quite some time since the frenzy of moves the Vancouver Canucks made in that hectic stretch bridging the end of June and beginning of July, it's because it has been. With the summer now officially having been put in the rearview mirror as training camps are set to begin across the league, we're running a 5-part series reviewing what the Canucks did this summer, and what it means for them moving forward. 

This deep dive was executed by the excellent MoneyPuck_ on Twitter, who has contributed content for us in the past.

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Jim Benning on the team's style under Willie Desjardins, giving the Sedins support

Dimitri Filipovic
September 15 2014 11:55AM

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This past weekend Jim Benning sat down with Bob McKenzie to discuss a whole gamut of topics pertaining to the team he inherited back in May, and has wasted no time putting his imprint on. 

It runs nearly 15 minutes and you can listen to it for yourself here, but I've gone ahead and taken the liberty of transcribing the main talking points stemming from the interview, as well. As unenthused as Benning may appear above the discussion itself is actually rather worthwhile, especially given the sentiments he echoes on the plan heading into the coming season, particularly as it relates to providing the Sedins with support.

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Opening Day

September 15 2014 07:48AM


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Canucks Young Stars Game One: Continental Shelf

Kevin McCartney
September 14 2014 01:58PM

YoungStars_Canucks Practice

The Nations Network sent this Jets Nation writer to the Young Stars Tournament in Penticton, BC. I'm judging your team and bringing you the view from the Press Box. 

Vancouver opened the tournament in prime time on Friday night against the Oilers' prospects in what was really a tale of two games. 

The Canucks brought a strange roster to their own tournament, with 10 invitees among their 23 healthy bodies. Injuries and sickness are the proximate cause, but one wonders where some of their AHL talent is this weekend, including Alex Friesen, Alex Mallet, Joacim Eriksson and new comer Linden Vey. 

It might have helped to have a few more experienced bodies, as the Canucks simply didn't dare roll lines against a dangerous Oilers club. The team started in a conservative set to contain the skilled Oilers group, but opened up in the second period and began managing the bench to double shift each of their stars in various parts of the lineup. The Canucks clawed back from a deep shot deficit after the first period and lost in overtime thanks to the remarkable efforts of a few key prospects.

Inside we'll begin where we left off last year - systems stuff at the top and then a review of every player to follow. You can see the game on YouTube here. (Apologies for the delayed post - lots to watch and write out here!)

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