Canucks Army Weekly Player Grades: Defensemen, November 25th, 2014

Rhys Jessop
November 25 2014 07:00PM

Player Report Cards

As promised this morning, here are our Canucks Army weekly player grades for defensemen.

Read past the jump to see how each guy fared this past week!

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Canucks Army GDT #22 - Canucks vs. Devils

Rhys Jessop
November 25 2014 04:51PM

Pictured: not Bo Horvat.

The New Jersey Devils are in town tonight, surely to join the rest of Vancouver in the celebration of the commencement of the glorious Bo Horvat era. It's a neat bit of synchronicity that the team Cory Schneider now carries is the one in town on the day Bo Horvat officially becomes a full-time NHL player, as he'll play his former team for the second time in Vancouver, and the first head-to-head with Horvat.

For a preview of tonight's game and a look at Vancouver's decision to keep Horvat with the big club, read past the jump.

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Canucks Give Away 3rd Round Pick, Receive a Tall Human In Return

Rhys Jessop
November 25 2014 03:13PM

Days after acquiring Will Acton from the Edmonton Oilers, GM Jim Benning went out and made that deal look like a veritable blockbuster by dealing Alex Mallet and a 3rd round pick in 2016 to the New York Islanders in exchange for 21-year old 6'4 defenseman Andrey Pedan.

I don't know a damn thing about Andrey Pedan, so join me after the jump where we'll find out all about the AHL version of Luca Sbisa that the Canucks seem to have acquired.

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The Fantasy Minute

Nation World HQ
November 25 2014 10:54AM

NHL Fantasy Hockey tips from The Nation Network and Here’s a quick run through of the best Fantasy Hockey waiver adds, sleepers and buy-low sell-high candidates for the week (Based on 12 team leagues).

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Canucks Army Weekly Player Grades: November 25th, 2014

Rhys Jessop
November 25 2014 10:00AM

Player Report Cards

For some of you, getting your report card was one of the most exciting times of the year. If your grades were good, maybe your parents would give you a little extra allowance to spend, or let you get that video game you wanted. For others, report card time was a tangled mess of gut-wrenching nervousness and oh my god Mr. Smith gave me a C- in English MY PARENTS ARE GOING TO KILL ME.

Either way, welcome to the Canucks Army Weekly Report Card, where we'll take all that repressed childhood anxiety, bottle it back up, and apply it to your (presumably) favourite hockey team instead. 

Read past the jump!

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