Grabovski headshot on Varlamov, Yakupov scores in the shootout, and more KHL

Steve Dangle
November 21 2012 08:52PM


Mikhail Grabovski drilled Colorado Avanlanche (currently Lokomotiv) goalie Semyon Varlamov right in the head in the first period of Lokomotiv's game against CSKA Moscow on Wednesday. Was it on purpose? I'll let you decide. 

In other Wednesday KHL action, Nail Yakupov scores in the shootout, and Ilya Kovalchuk's duo with Blues prospect Vladimir Tarasenko might be the most deadly duo in hockey right now.

Get some!

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The NHLPA's Recent Offer

Kent Wilson
November 21 2012 12:25PM

The players union unveiled a new CBA offer this morning. It is fairly comprehensive and, unlike some of their previous offerings, has a sound basis for negotiation (from a league perspective, naturally).

The most significant movement is on the issue of player share of hockey reltaed revenue. The players accept an immediate 50/50 with the stipulation that the teams "make whole" existing contracts to he tune of $393 million spread over four years:

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Dear NHL Pundits: It's the thought that counts

Graphic Comments
November 21 2012 08:34AM

It's the thought that counts

Aw, you shouldn't have.

No, really. I mean it. You shouldn't have.

If you take yourself at all seriously about being a "journalist," sports or otherwise, you shouldn't have been in such a rush to "break" a story that you neglected to put some thought into it. THAT'S THE MOST IMPORTANT PART!

Whether you're a hockey analyst or just picking out a gift, it's the thought that counts.

And with both Christmas and the endgame in the NHL lockout both just around the corner, maybe a review of this idea is in order...

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KHL Highlights: Actual hockey

Steve Dangle
November 20 2012 10:17PM


See that? That's Alex Ovechkin.
See what he's doing? He's celebrating.
Know what he's celebrating? A goal.
How do you score a goal? Actually play hockey. 
The KHL is doing that right now, and I quite like it. Hopefully you do, too. Enjoy!

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Two Lockouts Have Hurt the Sedins in the Big Picture

Dimitri Filipovic
November 20 2012 09:46AM

We really should have seen this more times than we actually have by this point of their careers.

There are many people who have felt the collateral damage stemming from the NHL lockout. The thing about this entire process is that it doesn't pick and choose who it leaves in its wake. Players who have essentially been left without a job. Arena workers and employees who have literally been left without a job. Writers who can only write so many times about the AHL, and prospects. And the fans, who just want to watch some professional hockey.

But another casualty that may not necessarily be in the forefront is the bigger picture for certain players. I'm specifically referring to the legacies that they leave behind as professional athletes; how will they be remembered, years after their playing days have come to an end? There's many things that factor into this, including word of mouth (the memories people have of watching them in their primes, that are passed down to younger generations), hardware accumulated (which encompasses both individual and team accomplishments), and statistics that allow them to put their own personal stamp into the record books.

What we generally fail to consider is how short a time frame they have to get all of that done, at least relatively speaking. According to recent studies, the average length of career for an NHL player is 5.5 years, which is an insanely low figure.

And that's why missing two full years - in 2004-05, and potentially this current one - is substantial. There are numerous great players around the league whose legacies will have conceivably been altered due to the two seasons that they never got a chance to perform in. Two of those guys just so happen to play in Vancouver.

Read Past the Jump for More.

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