Through The Looking Glass - Week Three

Yankee Canuck
October 28 2011 10:26AM


Seeing how the inaugural post mentioned Sturm and Samuelsson in the negative and both now find themselves skating for dinner money in Florida, it leaves me to (correctly) assume I have remarkably perceptive powers. Borderline mind control. Not bad for a basement dwelling blogger with a suspiciously low amount of Hot Pockets.

This week we praise one American, wave a nagging finger at #3 and haze the new guy. Hopefully they're still all on the team by Halloween.

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An Attempt At A Defensive Puck Possession Metric

JP Nikota
October 28 2011 09:22AM

I've been scratching my head for a while now, trying to come up with a puck possession metric that focuses on defense rather than offense-driven numbers. I mean, if you're Anton Volchenkov, you might be responsible for preventing a lot of goals, but there's always the chance that last year's New Jersey forwards were incapable of putting shots on the opposition's net, and that your Corsi numbers look bad. What's a defensive defenseman to do? There's got to be a way of measuring defensive contributions that isn't tied to shots or goals.

So here's my rationale: only the puck carrier can be hit, so if there is a lot of hitting in your end of the ice, the puck must be there a lot, right? Even if your team has the puck, and is getting hit a lot in their zone, doesn't that mean that you're struggling to get out? Leafs fans should certainly remember last year's broken-record recording of "to the line, but not out", so anecdotally, anyway, this makes sense. 

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Canucks Army Podcast

Thomas Drance
October 27 2011 01:25PM

From Chloe Ezra's lovely "Pass it to Comics" series.

On today's postcast I am joined by PiTB co-editor, and Backhand Shelf contributor Daniel Wagner. We debated Vigneault's pairings, "protecting the Sedins", and talked about how tired we are of Luongo/Schneider articles. We then proceed to talk about Luongo and Schneider. 

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Joseph LaBate - The Next David Backes?

Jeff Angus
October 27 2011 11:49AM

The Canucks were manhandled physically in the latter stages of the Stanley Cup Final against Boston. As much as the stellar play of Tim Thomas ultimately cost them the Stanley Cup, the constant physical play from Boston completely wore Vancouver down. Only a few short weeks later, the Canucks placed an emphasis on size at the 2011 NHL Entry Draft. This drafting strategy may have just been by coincidence, but I think the two (losing to a bigger team and picking big players) had something in common. With the 101st pick, Vancouver picked Joseph LaBate, a rangy 6’4” center from the much-heralded Minnesota high school hockey system.

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Questions from a Stanchion

The Stanchion
October 27 2011 11:34AM

Much like Jack Bauer, I too often stop cleaning my gun to scream momentarily.
Much like Jack Bauer, I too often stop cleaning my gun to scream momentarily.

Every week I plan on asking questions, questions I don't have answers to. I invite the community to help answer these questions. It is through these questions that I hope we can build a stronger Canuck Army, one capable of making Bieksa stop playing like an ass-clown, and one that makes Dan Hamhuis not attempt a hip check with the power of a 5 year old girl. So without further ado, I invite you to step inside and take a look at......Questions from a Stanchion.

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