@PlayNowSports Presents: This Week Straight Up May 13-19

Thomas Drance
May 13 2013 01:54PM


We at CanucksArmy are big supporters of sports betting, in part because we buy into the Nate Silver theory that putting your money where your prediction is will help improve the aggregate accuracy of forecasting. And after we predicted the Canucks to win their first round series against the Sharks in seven games, we'll take any additional forecasting accuracy we can get!

Always remember to gamble for fun (or for bragging rights), not to make money. From all of us at CanucksArmy and PlayNow: a gentle reminder to use your game sense!

Read past the jump for special offers to CanucksArmy.com readers from PlayNow Sports, and for a preview of this upcoming week of NHL playoff hockey!

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Report: Canucks "Likely" to go without AHL affiliate this season

Thomas Drance
May 13 2013 09:17AM

Here's some bad news from the Peoria Journal Star's Dave Eminian:

The possibility that Vancouver wouldn't be able to find a spot to park their newly acquired AHL affiliate has been broached previously by Mike Gillis, but still, this comes as a bit of a surprise. Read past the jump.

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Top Five Trade Values on the Canucks

Jeff Angus
May 11 2013 01:32PM

Grantland and ESPN’s Bill Simmons recently published his 2013 edition of his top 50 NBA trade value rankings. I “borrowed” the idea last year and ranked the top 50 NHL trade values, and will be doing the same in a few months once the Stanley Cup has been awarded.

And I’m going to use the same rules and factors to rank the top trade values in the Vancouver organization. What I am taking into account:

  • Age matters
  • Contracts matter
  • Position matters

Read on for the list, some honourable mentions, and a few other thoughts.

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The Canucks Didn't Lose Because the Twins Are in Decline

Thomas Drance
May 10 2013 12:11PM

Image generated at somekindofninja.com

The image above is a "player usage chart," which is a way of looking at players and evaluating how they're being deployed. We've used these charts on several occassions previously. Here's how the chart works: the higher a player's bubble is located on the y-axis the tougher the competition they faced was. The further to the left that player's bubble is on the x-axis the more often you started in the defensive zone. If a player's circle is red it means they were a negative possession player, and if their circle was blue, they were coming out ahead.

There are four blue bubbles on Vancouver's forward usage chart for the 2013 seasons and one of them is Derek Roy, who only played a small portion of the season with the Canucks and disappeared in time for the postseason. The other three positive bubbles are Alex Burrows, Henrik Sedin and Daniel Sedin. Yes, those are also the three players who started most often in the offensive zone among all Canucks forwards (though they started a much lower proportion of their shifts there than they have in the previous two seasons), but they also battled the toughest competition. In fact, I think it's abundantly clear that the twins had their best two-way campaign in the behindthenet era...

Read past the jump.

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The Canucks Week in Quips for May 10

May 10 2013 09:04AM

Mike Gillis never sleeps, cause sleep is the cousin of death.

Well, another disappointing season has come and gone for the Canucks. Whether you want to bring out the microscope and analyze what went wrong or just forget that it all happened, at least you now have several weeks of stress-free playoff hockey watching ahead of you! So there's that, but not much else. 

Anyway, allow me to send you off into the sunset with the final installment of Canucks Quips for the 2013 season. Fair warning: it's sort of an epic mishmash of emotions.

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