Prospect Profile: #13 Thatcher Demko

Rhys Jessop
August 21 2014 10:58AM


Years down the road, when we're looking back on the 2014 NHL entry draft with the benefit of hindsight, the story of Thatcher Demko may not be so much the story of Demko himself, but of goalies and their unique relationship with the draft. 

Indeed, all-star netminders have been selected in the first few picks of the draft, but for every Carey Price (5th overall, 2005), there is a Brian Finley (6th overall, 1999). For every Cory Schneider (26th overall, 2004), there are multiple Leland Irvings (26th overall, 2006). For every Jonathan Bernier (11th overall, 2006), there is a Brent Krahn (9th overall, 2000), and so on and so forth.

If you're a regular reader of this blog, I assume you're acquainted with our good friend Sham Sharron. If not, now is a fantastic time to get to know him if you've got an hour or six to kill. One of Sham's cardinal rules for drafting prospects was to avoid goalies at all costs since they're voodoo and, much like Sham's namesake, can't be trusted.

But why can't we trust goalies? Why should we avoid them? I'm glad you asked.

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Prospect Profile: #14 Joseph LaBate

Dimitri Filipovic
August 20 2014 11:50AM


One of the main driving forces behind this profile series - aside from striving to provide mid-August analysis that goes beyond debating whether Trevor Linden's trunks in his Ice Bucket Challenge are short, or too short - is to hopefully become more familiar with prospects that we could potentially one day see wearing Canucks jerseys on our television sets. 

The first handful of guys that come up each year can prove to be a slog, because realistically, the chances that we'll ever need to really know their names are quite slim. But it's all part of the process; eventually we reach a point in which the quality of the players discussed rises, and as a result their respective futures become noticeably more promising. 

While we're starting to reach that inflection point, Joseph LaBate is a name that longtime readers of this blog know all too well by now.  

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The ten-year itch: Bertuzzi and Moore finally settle

Patrick Johnston
August 19 2014 07:04PM


Damn kids. 

It's time for me to date myself. Today I came to the realization that the current drivers of this site are the same age now as I was back then, 10 long years ago.

Let's set the stage.

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My Gino Odjick story

Jason Strudwick
August 19 2014 12:40PM

Gino Odjick

When I heard of the health situation of Gino Odjick I felt very sad for him and his family. Although we never played together on the same team, I always felt we had a unique bond.

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Prospect Profile: #15 Henrik Tommernes

Dimitri Filipovic
August 19 2014 10:17AM


Admittedly, one of the reasons we bumped the age cutoff for this series this time around was to include someone of the ilk of Henrik Tommernes, who is set to turn 24 years old any day now. That distinction makes him the elder statesman of this list of players, and puts him a cool 6 years older than the youngest of the bunch (Jake Virtanen). 

Yet despite his relatively advanced age for these purposes, Tommernes remains an intriguing prospect. The fact that he has dropped from 9th to 15th in our rankings since last summer is hardly an indictment against his play - which was for all intents and purposes a successful first go around the North American game - but moreso a testament to the collection of talent the Canucks have managed to bring into the pipeline since then.

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