Reasonable Expectations For The Future: Is Bo Horvat A Top-6 C?

Rhys Jessop
March 10 2014 10:54AM


If you've been following me on Twitter over the last few days, you'll have noticed that I haven't exactly been too complimentary of the Vancouver Canucks' top prospects. Taking it even a step further, I guess you could say that, overall, I hold a pretty negative view of the long-term future of the franchise. 

It's not that I don't think that guys like Bo Horvat, Brenden Gaunce, and Hunter Shinkaruk can't or won't turn into useful NHL players; it's just that we need to establish what are reasonable expectations for these players moving forward. The fact of the matter is that aside from Hunter Shinkaruk, not a single prospect the Canucks have in the system has produced at a high enough level that you can say with any degree of confidence that they'll be a top-6 NHL forward.

The focus here will be on Bo Horvat since he was recently ranked as the #1 prospect in Vancouver's system, #12 in all of hockey by The Hockey News, and the 6th best prospect with no NHL experience by International Scouting Services and Buzzing the Net, but it also applies to Brenden Gaunce to a lesser degree. We'll look at some of the arguments in favour of Horvat, examine the validity of these arguments, and look at where NHL top-6 centres really come from. I suggest you get comfortable, because this is a pretty hefty read.

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Canucks Army Postgame: Um, so they still get 2 points for *that*, right?

Dimitri Filipovic
March 08 2014 11:57PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 9.52.24 PM
Photo via Rich Lam/Getty Images

If there's one positive thing to take away from tonight's game between the Canucks and the Flames, it's that, for at least another night, we've been spared from referring to the team's performance as "rock-bottom" (for what would be, unofficially, the 128128121291205th time this season). It most certainly looked like we were headed towards that all too predictable outcome for a while there, but in the end the Canucks wound up prevailing by a 2-1 for the first time in the post-Roberto Luongo Era, so let's shelve that phrase for now. Just don't put it too far out of reach.

In a somewhat surprising turn of events, these two teams decided to forgo the fisticuffs from the last time they met up, settling for a game of hockey instead. While it wasn't all that entertaining, at least it wasn't a completely embarrassing sideshow. 

But let's not fool ourselves: it's a testament to how far the team has plummeted - and in turn, how much we've needed to lower our expectations - that we're reaching for stuff like this as positives. This was a game in which they won and got the two points, but beyond that, if you're the Canucks you may as well burn all of the tapes and deny that this March 8th game was anything beyond a figment of everyone's imagination.

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Canucks Army GDT #66 - Flames @ Canucks

Rhys Jessop
March 08 2014 03:13PM


After getting plowed 6-1 in a critical game against the Dallas Stars and falling all the way to 28th in the league in scoring, the Vancouver Canucks return home tonight to Where It All Began and face the Calgary Flames. We all remember what happened last time these two teams met in Vancouver, and we all know that since that fateful night, the Canucks have just 3 wins in 15 games stretched over two months. The pre-post-Torts era that began that 1st intermission has been nothing short of hapless, uninspired, and just putrid.

Fortunately for the Canucks, and unfortunately for fans of the Canucks, Flames, or just hockey in general, Calgary has been hapless, uninspired, and just putrid for pretty much the whole season. They're just as anemic offensively as the Canucks, so this game is gearing up to just be an absolute barnburner. We may see three goals scored! Are you excited yet!?

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Jensen Train, Next Stop: Vancouver

Dimitri Filipovic
March 07 2014 04:38PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 3.21.33 PM
Image via The Stanchion

There has been very, very, very little to get excited about or provide reasons for optimism moving forward from the Vancouver Canucks in 2014 thus far. They've gone 5-16-3 in the new year, having been outscored by a 73-39 margin. That's 1.63 goals/game for those of you that don't have a calculator handy. To put that figure into context: the Buffalo Sabres, ranked 30th in goals/game on the season, are at 1.95 on the year.

Every which way you look at it, things have been bad; the best goaltender in the franchise's history was dealt, one of the two best players on the team asked out and after not being traded is now forced to play out the remainder of the season with this giant cloud looming overhead, and there have been intimations that both the GM and coach are lame ducks at this point. That's atop all of the losing and mind-numbingly boring play every time they hit the ice. 

Maybe they'll be slightly more palatable now that they've finally given in to the cries and pleas from their fans, and called up their '11 1st rounder and highly regarded offensive prospect, Nicklas Jensen.

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Zack Kassian did something stupid again, got supended for it

Dimitri Filipovic
March 07 2014 03:11PM

The Vancouver Canucks lost by a 6-1 score to the Dallas Stars on Thursday night. It wasn't the only losing they'd go on to do on the night, though, as they also went on to lose Zack Kassian's services for the next 3 games after the league announced that he'll be suspended for his hit from behind on Canucks Army favourite, and Surrey native, Brenden Dillon.

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