Canucks Army GDT #47 - Canucks @ Kings

Dimitri Filipovic
January 13 2014 03:14PM

On the one hand, it's pretty unfortunate for the Vancouver Canucks that they have to go to California to take on the Kings and Ducks twice each within the span of 10 days or so. It's no secret that the Canucks have had their share of difficulties against the top teams in their own division, going 1-5-3 against the Kings, Sharks, and Ducks. Struggling against that group of teams isn't exactly something to be ashamed of, but for a team like the Canucks, it's a worrisome trend that doesn't bode well for them come playoff time.

As a spectator though, it's hard to complain about this little quirk in the schedule. While there may be a more storied history against the Blackhawks, and a deeper general hatred for the Bruins, the Los Angeles Kings have as good a case as anyone else in the league for the claim to being the Canucks' biggest rival. Stuff that we'll wind up talking about for days and weeks to come generally tends to happen when these two teams play each other, and this time around should be no different.

You'll recall that it was just 8 days ago that Dustin Brown and his shenanigans put Roberto Luongo on the shelf, and it's because of that, that there's some added intrigue to tonight's matchup. I'd say that there's at least a decent chance that we see some fisticuffs and rough stuff, but in the end a hockey game might break out in the house that Tom Hanks built!

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Out of the Infirmary and Into the Lineup, Part 1: Alex Edler Returns

Dimitri Filipovic
January 13 2014 12:27PM

In advance of a tonight's big game against the Los Angeles Kings, news has trickled out that Alex Edler is expected to make his return to the Canucks lineup after a 16-game absence. With Edler back in the mix on blueline the team has gone ahead and sent Frankie Corrado back to Utica, to continue his development and see more ice-time.

Read on past the jump for a quick take on what this means for Edler, Corrado, and the Canucks.

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The Sea-to-Sky Boner Report: Jan 13th, 2014

Rhys Jessop
January 13 2014 09:25AM


The WHL trade deadline has come and gone and the Vancouver Giants were reasonably active, dealing away a couple of players, and adding 19-year old import forward Dominik Volek from the Red Deer Rebels. Read past the jump for a look at Vancouver's deadline day and what it means for the Giants going forward.

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Canucks Army Postgame: Just the tip!

Dimitri Filipovic
January 10 2014 11:53PM

You'll tell your grandchildren about the time these two Canuck legends went at it.

The following blurb was from the preview I put together in advance of Friday night's game: 

"One final thing before we get to the underlying numbers: I'm calling a Canucks win tonight. I wouldn't put any money on it, but them finally bucking the trend and winning this one lines up perfectly with their slogan this season.. when you think they'll zig, they actually zag. It makes no sense for them to beat the Blues tonight, which is why I totally see them doing just that. Classic."

I know that at least a handful of the people on my timeline shared these particular sentiments with me prior to the game, so I'm hardly a prophet. Especially since, while I legitimately thought that the Canucks would beat the Blues - which they wound up doing by a 2-1 score - I'd be lying if I told you I expected Zac Dalpe to score a goal, and spend the majority of the night playing with the Sedins. Did that happen? Of course it did!

Read on past the jump for the recap.

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The Log Off Podcast: "Dustin Byfuglien is a Big Blue Circle"

Dimitri Filipovic
January 10 2014 03:33PM

Sup? [GIF via Dan McQuade]

We're back with the 2nd episode of the "Log Off Podcast" in which we discuss hockey ad nauseam until it's time for us to, well, log off. Last time you heard from us was on Monday, when we spent the entirety of the show previewing what we thought Team Canada's roster would look like.

Well, with a few days to let it all sink in and marinate, we now feel it's a good time to take a quick look at who was "snubbed", and what kinds of adjustments we'd make. In case you're looking for a cynical take on the team, then feel free to skip past the first 5 or 6 minutes.. because we seemed to share a fairly positive outlook on the result, all things considered.

After that, we hopped around all over the NHL, talking about the mess that's taking place in Winnipeg right now (spurred by the news that Dustin Byfuglien will be moving back to forward, despite a largely successful run as a blueliner over the past few seasons), the dry spell in Vancouver (and their weird season to-date), and the complete and utter tire fire in Toronto (which'll hopefully conclude with Randy Carlyle being shot into outer space).. 

Click past the jump to stream the podcast!

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