Journal of Hockey Analytics: Volume I Issue 2

Josh W
May 19 2014 10:38AM



Welcome back to another week of hockey related analytics links. I think The best way to develop your own research is to learn what other people are working on. With that in mind, here are a collection of links from the last week to help you think of new ideas. Or just to kill a slow day of reading at work. 

This week we have a look at why zone entries matter, why penalties in game sevens aren't called, why trading Evgeni Malkin would be a bad idea for the Penguins and much more. Take a look after the jump.

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May 16 2014 02:07PM


Another week is in the books and another star player is taking heat for not performing when it mattered most. Crosby had a tough second round, but so did a lot of the Penguins.  If you had Crosby in your pool, like I did, he didn't exactly help out much in the standings.  After jumping almost 100 spots last week, I was ready to stop blaming Chris Kelly and forgive him for me being stupid enough to pick him.  Well, I'm falling again and I don't think even smashing into the concrete can stop my decline this time around.

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Canucks Army Weekly Prospect Reportlet - May 16, 2014

Josh W
May 16 2014 01:04PM


Canucks Top Dogs (Courtesy @VanCanucks)

As each week passes by, we move closer and closer to the summer season. While that brings all sorts of joyous things with it, it also means that there's less and less recent activity in the hockey world to discuss. Some would let that defeat them, but for yours truly, it just means that more time needs to be spent at work digging deep into the Internet to find out what the people are saying.

So if you're bored this summer, craving hockey news and all that jazz, you can stay updated on everything regarding Canucks prospects by following me on Twitter @nuckprospects. You're also more than welcome to send me any feedback on anything prospect related you wish for me to cover in the future.

But for now, we've got the Memorial Cup to look forward to in the near future, so read on past the jump for more on that and all sorts of other little nuggets.

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Alex Burrows leaves game after taking knee-on-knee hit

Dimitri Filipovic
May 16 2014 09:26AM


Let me advise you against uttering the words "things can only get better" in front of Alex Burrows these days, or he may very well slap you right across the face. The sad irony of that is that were he to do so, he'd probably go on to fracture his hand and miss another 4-6 weeks of action.

It has been that kind of year for Burrows, who after missing a combined 33 games during the NHL regular season with a broken foot and jaw, left this morning's game against Italy after taking a knee-on-knee hit from Joachim Ramoser (GIF via @myregularface, whose masterful work has extended to overseas action and is something we should all be thankful for).

Some additional thoughts on Burrows just past the jump, who I hope won't strain his cornea reading this particular post.

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John Tortorella's short tenure apparently consisted of some weird things

Dimitri Filipovic
May 15 2014 10:05PM

"Why didn't you ever call, John?"

All sorts of peculiar things tend to happen over the course of an 82-game season involving any team, considering all of the different personalities and egos that are asked to coexist together for months on end. Things are said, mental notes are taken, but ultimately a lot of what happens behind closed doors in the locker room stays there in order to keep things from really blowing up altogether. 

Until of course one of those personalities is on their way out; then, some of the more noteworthy things - that would surely have been useful to know as they happened in real-time, but whatever - are finally released to the public as guys feel more comfortable opening up, no longer being held back by the fear of the potential consequences linked to the beans they're spilling. 

We're seeing that in full effect over in Pittsburgh, and we've become all too familiar with it here in Vancouver for weeks (months?) now. It's something of a smear campaign, really, but it's entertaining and enlightening nonetheless. 

Gary Mason of the Globe and Mail joined Don Taylor and Barry MacDonald on the Team1040 this afternoon, and dropped some bombshells regarding the John Tortorella Era that are most definitely worth reiterating. Adding two and two together, there are some things that are starting to make a lot more sense..

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