Canucks Army GDT #36 - Canucks @ Wild

Dimitri Filipovic
December 17 2013 12:14PM

It'll probably feel like a little bit of a lull after the high that was the butt whooping they gave the Boston Bruins on Saturday night, but Tuesday night's game against the Minnesota Wild has some things going for it from a "reasons why you should watch" perspective. 

They aren't division rivals any longer, but it hasn't been that long since they were, and I suspect that there will still be some bad blood on display when they face off for the first time this season (which feels really weird to be saying over 40% of the way into the year, by the way). These games have traditionally been very chippy, with lots of back and forths between the two teams. Never underestimate the pull that a Napoleon Complex can have over someone, as has been evidenced by the Wild and their fans in Minnesota. 

The Canucks and the Wild are currently going in completely different directions  - Minnesota is 4-6-1 over their past 11 games, while the Canucks as you may've heard have won 7 in a row - but only two points separate them at the moment. There's at least a reasonable chance that they'll be the two Wild Card teams to make the playoffs in the Western Conference. 

If that - along with all of the potential Dany Heatley jokes! - isn't enough to get you to tune in, that's a shame, because you'll be missing out on David Booth going up against former Florida Panthers teammate Keith Ballard. After all, they both enjoyed career seasons back in '08-'09 for a team that failed to qualify for the playoffs. Now that's a relationship that runs deep!

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Visualizing Corsi and the Canucks

Cam Charron
December 16 2013 01:51PM

In the interest of putting something up on the old blag today and distract from the fact that Canucks fans are yet again in the heat of some silly non-hockey discussion, I thought it might be fun to take a quick look similar to a visual found at mc79hockey's blog that dealt with team Corsi rates when players are on the ice with or without others.

It's a mostly informational thing. Tim Bonnar at Arctic Ice Hockey pointed out that the Winnipeg Jets are a pretty good team when their top players are on, and they're a mostly bad team when their top players are not on. mc79 visualized this by mocking up a graph exploring how the most-used forwards, in order, did with the most-used defencemen. I've made one for the Canucks below.

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Canucks Army Postgame: World Champians

Rhys Jessop
December 14 2013 11:31PM


 I love World Champian Brad Marchand.

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Shock and Jaw: Canucks Streamroll Oilers

Thomas Drance
December 13 2013 11:20PM

On Friday night the Vancouver Canucks spanked the Edmonton Oilers with a 4-0 victory that wasn't as closely contested as the score might indicate. It was probably Vancouver's most thoroughly dominant performance of the season.

At the end of it Zack Kassian made waves by probably mocking Sam Gagner's jaw shield (y'know, the one Gagner wears to protect his jaw after Kassian broke it with a vicious errant stick this past September). It was such a controversial move by Kassian that it soaked up all of the postgame oxygen overshadowing the fact that the Canucks have won six in a row, have given up one goal in their last three games, and that Dale Weise scored a power-play goal... 

Read past the jump for more.

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Canucks Army GDT #34 - Oilers @ Canucks

Cam Charron
December 13 2013 02:16PM

Early start for the Vancouver Canucks tonight, as Hockey Night in Canada is in town and they forgot to change their clocks as the bus crawled past the Alberta-British Columbia border. The Edmonton Oilers are visiting, and while their recent record isn't a big problem, they're playing tonight on the second half of a back-to-back against a rested Vancouver team. One could even suggest this is a "schedule loss" for the Oilers, and smart guy Jonathan Willis posits whether tonight's game is a guaranteed win for Vancouver

If THAT doesn't get the nation to tune in, what will?

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