Jekyll & Hyde Both Make Appearance In Canucks Win Over Blues: Recap and Chance Data

Dimitri Filipovic
March 20 2013 12:33AM

Rust? What rust? Schneider was tremendous in the early going, keeping the Canucks in it until they found their legs.

This game probably justifies having three separate recaps, since none of the periods really had anything to do with each other. It makes me wonder what a potential fourth period of hockey would have looked like; likely a bunch of sluggish, tired play since it's, you know, a fourth period of hockey. 

The Canucks shrugged off a nearly disastrous opening 20 minutes, before taking control of the game in the middle frame en route to a 3-0 lead. Things got dicey in the third as the Blues countered with an onslaught of their own, but the home team wound up holding on for a desperately needed 2 points.

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Afternoon Headshots March 19th

Thomas Drance
March 19 2013 03:17PM

Here's a Zack Kassian tryptch because why not?
Image via Sealcat.

Today at Canucks Army we recapped Monday night's loss to the Wild, defended the notion of "staying the course" and previewed Tuesday night's tilt between the Blues and the Canucks in Vancouver.

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Game #29 Preview: Blues @ Canucks

Dimitri Filipovic
March 19 2013 01:32PM

Jordan Schroeder did something well, but the Canucks aren't celebrating. They're trying to get him back on the bench, per the coaches orders. That's how  Alain Vigneault rolls.

It's a short turn-around for the Vancouver Canucks, as they don't have very much time to dwell on their perplexing loss to the Minnesota Wild on Monday night. The St. Louis Blues come into town, and things could get ugly if the Canucks don't figure out a way to turn things around on the fly. Especially given how well the opposition has been playing in recent weeks.

Forget the Northwest Division title for now; the Canucks flat out need to start getting some wins. They are 3-5-2 in their last 10, and suddenly find themselves in a fight just to stay in the Western Conference's top 8. A good place to start the climb back up the standings would be tonight against a fellow puck possession juggernaut.

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In Praise of Staying the Course and the Vancouver and San Jose models

Cam Charron
March 19 2013 11:59AM

Joe Thornton and Roberto Luongo discuss how playoff success is over-rated.

If there's an NHL organization I can look at that has shared the same level of successes and failures over the past decade as the Vancouver Canucks, it's the San Jose Sharks (although the Sharks are a group that has somehow withstood more moments of wretched heartbreak and appear to be on a faster track out of contention.)

The randomness of a playoff series or a playoff tournament changes so many perceptions about how teams are built. This isn't just about how the Canucks failed to ride the percentages in a seven-game series with the eventual 2011 Stanley Cup Champions. This is about how, over years, singular seasons of a franchise become a bright beacon illuminating the success and process of a management group.

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Process Fails The Canucks Against The Wild: Recap and Chance Data

Dimitri Filipovic
March 19 2013 12:25AM

The Canucks dominated, but Niklas Backstrom was stopping the puck from all sorts of positions.

On Tuesday night, the Vancouver Canucks fell to the Minnesota Wild by a score of 3-1. They actually managed to do a lot of things well; they fired a ton of pucks in Niklas Backstrom's direction, and controlled play for much of the game. However, they also did some other things not so well, too. You may be told by some that the differences in the game were hits and blocked shots, but by now I hope our audience knows that that's not the case. You block shots and throw hits when you're scrambling in the hopes of gaining possession of the puck. That's how it works.

Really the big issue was the fact that they scored only 1 goal, while giving up 3 the other way. It's as simple as that. With the defeat, the Canucks now sit in 2nd place in the Northwest, a rather unfamiliar position, as the Wild took sole possession of the division.

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