Free Agents: Zach Parise, New Jersey Devils

Jonathan Willis
May 03 2012 09:17AM

The New Jersey Devils are in a situation that no team likes to find itself in. Zach Parise’s contract expires this summer, and not only does he look likely to test the market but he also seems a safe bet as the NHL’s most sought-after forward.

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Delivering the Sauce: Top-10 Canucks Prospects (Part I)

Jeff Angus
May 03 2012 07:33AM

The majority of Vancouver’s top prospects have wrapped up their 2011- 12 campaigns. The organizational depth in goal is stronger than it has been at any point in franchise history, and there are some intriguing names both on defense and at forward too. How does the Canucks prospect group stack up heading in to the offseason? In Part one of this two part look at the organization’s best, I’ll reveal my top five.

To clarify, my cut-off for prospects is 25 NHL games of experience for skaters, and 25 games of NHL experience for goaltenders. I took many factors into consideration – risk and reward, the estimated time of arrival, potential fit on the 2012-13 roster, and more.

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Free Agents: Ryan Smyth, Edmonton Oilers

Jonathan Willis
May 02 2012 09:06AM


Ryan Smyth’s return to the Edmonton Oilers basically took place in three parts. At the start, fans in Edmonton were thrilled when the rumours first surfaced, more thrilled when they realized the cost for Smyth was just Colin Fraser and a seventh round pick. Early in 2011-12 Smyth flourished, scoring 12 times in his first 25 games with the team, and the jubilation persisted. Unfortunately, the scoring disappeared in December and never returned, raising questions about his future with the team.

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Most entertaining Russian hockey news of the day

Graphic Comments
May 01 2012 05:03PM

@SHorcov still rules

It's true, despite all the competition today, @SHorcov still rules. If you're not following the best spoof account on Twitter, you're missing out.

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Dennis Bernstein wrote the best recap of the Canucks playoff loss

Cam Charron
May 01 2012 02:02PM

If you're a Canucks fan, you probably had no idea who Dennis Bernstein was until a few weeks ago when he decided to start trolling a fanbase. When you click on his articles at The Fourth period, you're greeted by a mugshot of a man who isn't smiling. He is probably angry at how lousy his haircut is.

That is Dennis Bernstein. We focus a lot on narratives at Canucks Army, or, so to speak, we focus a lot on making sure that narratives are consistent with fact. There's nothing wrong with a good story, but there is something wrong in getting the components of the story wrong. Anyway, here is a fact: Dennis Bernstein wrote a piece on the Canucks' loss to the Los Angeles Kings called "Beached Whales", and it is really the worst thing you'll ever read.

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