Hockey Graphs Podcast Episode 18 - Austrian Death Machine

Rhys Jessop
May 28 2015 07:03PM

Hockey Graphs Podcast 2

On this week's episode, Rhys and Garret break down everything you've ever wanted to know about Josh and MoneyPuck's Prospect Cohort Success model, which was unveiled on Tuesday. We look at PCS's strengths and weaknesses and outline where we can go from here in the realm of prospect analysis. Join us after the jump!

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Babych Please - May 28th, 2015

Grainne Downey
May 28 2015 03:00PM


Sick of looking at infographics about Duncan Keith's ice time and Henrik Lundqvist's record in game 7s? Treat your eyes to some fun facts about Luca Sbisa and multiple Eddie Lack Instagram posts! 

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5 things: Jim Benning's blue line plan

Ryan Lambert
May 28 2015 12:41PM

The Canucks' blueline is a serious area of concern, but with next to no cap space left, how can Jim Benning achieve his goal of adding more NHL-calibre bodies while making it more competitive?

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Ryan Miller's agent: 'Ryan will be 100 percent by the end of July'

Thomas Drance
May 28 2015 10:03AM

Photo Credit: Candice Ward/USA TODAY Sports

Vancouver Canucks goaltender Ryan Miller was left in the net for all five goals.

As the club coughed up an early three-goal lead in an elimination game, it was apparent that Miller wasn't able to make lateral movements with his usual speed and effectiveness. Credit the Calgary Flames, who pulled Jonas Hiller aggressively in that crucial Game 6, because they attacked Miller backdoor repeatedly and with great success. 

After returning right before the postseason from a significant knee injury sustained in late-February, Miller was consistent in his conversations with reporters. He reiterated time and time again that he wasn't all that close to a fully recovery.

On Thursday we found out that he actually won't be back to 100 percent until July, his agent Mike Liut told News 1130 Sports on Thursday.

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Narratives are like buses: there'll be another one along in any minute

Graphic Comments
May 27 2015 01:00PM


There's no time like the NHL playoffs to help you realize just how prevalent the reliance on narratives really is.

Unlike the regular season, when what passes for analysis can quickly be forgotten by the time the next opponent rolls into town, in the playoffs, those lazy narratives are put to the test the very next game. And when put under the spotlight like that, they usually fail miserably.

Luckily for everyone involved, narratives are like buses. There'll be another one along any minute.

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