Utica Comets versus Manchester Monarchs – Calder Cup Final Preview

Josh W
June 06 2015 01:08PM


Photo Courtesy: @TheAHL

The Utica Comets have had great success this post-season, having dominated their way to the Calder Cup finals for the third time in Vancouver Canucks AHL affiliate history and the first time for the Comets franchise.  Fans across upstate New York (minus Syracuse) are excited, and even in Vancouver people are realizing the Canucks have an AHL team!

With the third round over, the Comets have been having success in each round.  Their special teams have not been performing as well as one would hope, but thanks to excellent play from retooled goaltender Jacob Markstrom, and offence from players like Alex Grenier, Sven Baerschi and Cal O’Reilly, the Comets continue to have success.

In the final series, the Comets are going to face the LA Kings' affiliate who play in Boston Bruins country: the Manchester Monarchs.  This is probably the only team the Comets did not want to play against.  It’s going to be a difficult series, but let’s see how these two teams match up.

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Bob McKenzie Reveals Consensus Draft Rankings; Who Do the Canucks Pick?

Rhys Jessop
June 05 2015 05:51PM

Twitter was abuzz with some good old fashioned prospecting this morning, as The Godfather himself Bob McKenzie unveiled his consensus top-75 draft rankings for this month's upcoming entry draft (you can click here to view McKenzie's top-75 as well as player profiles from Craig Button). McKenzie's rankings carry a lot of weight because they're not actually his rankings per se, but rather an industry survey of a variety of scouts that work for NHL teams.

McKenzie's rankings are also generally the most accurate prognosticator of the first round, meaning he's usually bang-on in terms of the range of picks a guy will be selected in. With that in mind, let's take a look at the five players who surround Vancouver's 23rd overall selection to see what should be on the board.

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Charting the Development of the Canucks Top Defense Prospects

money puck
June 05 2015 12:18PM

If you've been following along at Canucks Army (or our friends at Jets Nation) you may have noticed a number of posts recently on two new metrics we've developed to help assess prospect development called Prospect Cohort Success % (PCS%) and PCS points per game (PCS p/GM). For primer on these new stats see the piece Josh Weissbock published recently. 

The PCS system finds the closest matches for a particular player in terms of age, league, height, and points, then calculates the percentage of that player's peers who play over 200 NHL games (PCS%) and the NHL points per game of those peers who successfully made the NHL (PCS p/GM). Think of PCS% as a metric to estimate the risk a prospect may or may not become an NHL regular, while PCS p/GM gives you a sense as to what the players potential may be if they make it. 

Last week, I profiled the Canucks top forward prospects, so now I'll look at the top prospects on defense.

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
June 05 2015 06:45AM


Phil Kessel trade destinations, Canucks Markstrom NHL ready, Eddie Lack on the move, who will take Dennis Wideman off Flames hands, learning from Oilers player development, Connor McDavid, Canadian dollars's impact on salary cap, free agent class of 2015, draft prospect profiles and more in this week's Roundup.

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Babych Please - June 4th, 2015

Grainne Downey
June 04 2015 12:28PM


While the Canucks appear to be mostly hibernating, their prospects have been having a blast this week! 

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