Playing Jr. 'til You're 24?!?

October 28 2014 12:49PM

Sam Berg, former CHLer has filed a class action lawsuit against the league claiming he (and the 1300 other CHL players) was underpaid while he played in the league, when he says underpaid, he’s talking about being paid below minimum wage.

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Just How Valuable is Henrik Sedin?

Rhys Jessop
October 27 2014 04:21PM

To a certain degree, we all know that the Vancouver Canucks are a one-line team. Sure, the second line of Chris Higgins, Nick Bonino, and Alex Burrows has played some quality hockey to begin the year, but let's face facts here: without Henrik Sedin, the Canucks are far worse than they are with him.

But how much worse are they? Is it possible that losing their captain turns the Canucks into Connor McDavid sweepstakes contenders? How does their depth compare to the rest of the teams in the NHL? Read past the jump to find out.

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Canucks Army Postgame: Capital-izing On An Opportunity

Rhys Jessop
October 26 2014 11:07PM

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It was a definite improvement over whatever the hell Friday was, but then again, most everything would be. The Vancouver Canucks first game home from a short road swing resulted in a 4-2 win over a pretty good Washington Capitals side, as three quick second period markers and some good discipline prevented the Caps from really getting a foothold in this game.

Oh, and Luca Sbisa scored the game winning goal. It's not every day that you can write that sentence. Read past the jump for a full recap.

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Canucks Army GDT #8: Canucks vs. Capitals

Rhys Jessop
October 26 2014 04:47PM

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The Vancouver Canucks return to action Sunday evening as Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals pay a rare visit to Rogers Arena. Vancouver is looking to bounce back after suffering an embarrassing 7-3 loss to the Colorado Avalanche on Friday night, while the Caps are looking to build on a strong 4-1-2 start and keep pace with the Metro Division leading New York Islanders.

Of course, the big attraction is Ovi, as it's pretty infrequent that we get to see him in this neck of the woods. After winning the Rocket Richard last season despite an awful on-ice shooting percentage, the prolific sniper is off to another strong start to the year, with 5 goals and 29 shots in his first seven games.

For a full preview of tonight's game, read past the jump.

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Fireside Chats with Wyatt

The Stanchion
October 25 2014 05:00PM


Sometimes I have a topic in mind and I will write like a mad man, excited to deliver my thoughts to the masses, so we can all talk very specifically about what I had in mind. Other times there is just simply not much going on, and with the Canucks only seven games into the season, I honestly don't have it in me to beat the drum of an ill-formed narrative based on such a small sample size. I've seen people call Sbisa the devil, I've seen people blame the Canucks loss to Dallas on the Kesler/Luongo trades, and I'm pretty sure someone thinks Desjardins' moustache is ruining the power play. Based purely on seven games of action.

With that being said, it's Saturday, it's almost Halloween, I thought it would be fun to do the typical "what's running through my head" article, as that is far better than anything else I could attempt right now. Unless you guys really did want me to do that article on Joacim Eriksson is the missing link to the Canucks Stanley Cup run of 2018... Read more past the jump!

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